Late Life Alcohol Use and Gender Differences among former Soviet Union Immigrants

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Journal of ethnicity in substance abuse


Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union tend to drink more frequently than other Israelis. However, little is known about alcohol consumption among older Former Soviet Union immigrants in Israel. In the current study, male and female Former Soviet Union immigrants residing in independent living facilities were studied to determine their patterns of alcohol use and attitudes toward drinking. Interviews were conducted using a modified version of the CAGE instrument. Findings show that men use alcohol more than women, believe they need to reduce consumption, and are more likely to be criticized and feel guilty about their drinking behavior. Additional research is needed to further understand the extent of improper alcohol use among late life immigrants and older people in the country. Such information should be applied to the development of policy and services that will address their quality of life needs.



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Isralowitz, R., Spiegel, S., Reznik, A., Borkin, S., & Snir, Y. (2009). Late life alcohol use and gender differences among Former Soviet Union immigrants. Journal of ethnicity in substance abuse, 8(2), 201-205.