Precarious Life and the Ethics of Care: Subjectivity in An Indian Religious Phenomenon

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Review Article

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This article relates certain figures of the subject in an emergent Indian pilgrimage. On the basis of ethnographic research and 15 in-depth interviews, I show that these religious subjectivities, phenomenologically immersed in highly precarious material conditions, are radically relational. Observations on the pilgrimage (en)counter the cognitivist assumptions of a body of scholarly opinion on contemporary religious practice. The analyst's attention to pilgrimage rituals and narratives traverses sociological, phenomenological, and psychoanalytic theories, and is, thereby, drawn to important questions of self, ethics, and time.



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Singh, V. (2011). Precarious life and the ethics of care: Subjectivity in an Indian religious phenomenon. Culture and Religion, 12(4), 419-440.