Lotus Notes and Quality Competitive Intelligence.

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Information services : gateway to competitive advantage : professional papers from the 83rd Annual Conference of the Special Libraries Association, June 6-11, 1992, San Francisco, CA


The authors explain the importance of groupware in competitive intelligence. The paper describes the use of Lotus Notes, one of the first groupware programs, as a vehicle for building, maintaining, and disseminating corporate intelligence. The paper describes the capabilities of Lotus Notes and the type of information Price Waterhouse has included in the database.


Denise Whitmire is Denise O'Shea's maiden name. Her co-author is deceased.

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Special Libraries Association

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Special Libraries Association. Conference (83rd : 1992 : San Francisco, Calif.). (1992). Information services : Gateway to competitive advantage : Professional papers from the 83rd annual conference of the special libraries association, June 6-11, 1992, San Francisco, ca. Washington, DC: Association.