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This poster will describe how you can position your library as a catalyst in campus-wide partnerships. Stewart C. Baker posits the idea of using “Library” as a verb. Just as we “Google” when the need arises, our students, faculty, and staff need to know how to “Library.”We will describe how we made connections with a variety of campus offices responsible for student success, in particular, the Educational Opportunities Fund Program. By creating new pathways for librarian expertise and the promotion of resources, we introduced these student-focused academic units to “library-ing.” The goal was to enable our colleagues to provide excellent academic support and to nurture their students as global citizens and lifelong learners.

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Sweeper, D. & C. Baird. (2015)"Librarying! How Librarian Expertise Can Assist Student Academic Services to Create Pathways for Student Success”-VALE-NJ, Annual Users Conference. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ-Poster Session