Where Research Begins: Choosing a Research Project That Matters to You (and the World)

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Book Review

Publication Date

Fall 9-2-2022

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College and Research Libraries


Self-centeredness is not a personality trait that we normally value in our society. However, when it comes to research, nothing will capture our focus and attention as much as researching a topic that has personal significance to us. This is one of the central themes of this book: our questions should drive the research process. Unlike many books that are targeted toward experienced researchers who benefit from a nuts-and-bolts approach to how to conduct research, this text primarily serves as a guide for the novice researcher. The book will also offer insights to experienced scholars seeking alternative approaches to the research process. Mullaney and Rea also address the often neglected but important suggestion that we conduct research with a purpose in mind, employing evocative language to demonstrate how researching from the self-centered perspective helps students figure out what to do before they begin the process of research in earnest.



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