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Tuesday, January 29th
4:00 PM

Plastics, Degradability, and the Environment

Peter Strom, Rutgers University

Harmful environmental effects of plastics have long been condemned by activists, and some of these problems are well documented. However, in seeking to substitute other materials or make changes in the properties of the plastics themselves, it is important that the policies implemented do not worsen existing or create new environmental problems. This seminar will discuss some of the general concerns associated with this issue, such as the environmental impacts of using other materials instead of plastics, and then focus on degradable plastics. What is degradability, when might it be valuable, and will these products in fact degrade? Results of a study on biodegradable plastics under anaerobic conditions (such as in most sludge digestion and landfills) will be presented.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tuesday, February 5th
4:00 AM

Global Sustainability that Respects Cultural Diversity & Individual Health Needs

Meriterese Racanelli, Goya Foods

The USA Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health have classified excessive sodium consumption, high blood pressure and diabetes as national health epidemics across various ethnic cultures. The United Nations and other countries classify these as Global Epidemics. Interestingly,some ways to help fix this national and global health crisis can be found in the balance of sustainable environmentally-friendly agriculture, green technologies, and cultural competencies. Learn how sustainability studies, research, and jobs can still respect an individual’s ethnic heritage, culture, and nutritional health needs, while improving the community health at large... from local to global. Sustainability can help us fight climate change, reduce pollution, secure food and water supplies... and yes ...reduce national health epidemics like high blood pressure and diabetes.

4:00 AM - 5:00 AM