Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Teaching and Learning, College of Education and Human Services, are collected here.


Submissions from 2020

Undoing Ableism : Teaching About Disability in K-12 Classrooms, Susan Baglieri and Priya Lalvani (2020)

Teaching Science in Diverse Classrooms : Real Science for Real Students, Douglas Larkin (2020)

Submissions from 2019

Constructing the (M)other : Narratives of Disability, Motherhood, and the Politics of Normal, Priya Lalvani (2019)

Unlearning Failure : Can Urban Schools be Transformed in the New Millennium?, Dierdre G. Paul (2019)

Understanding Glocal Contexts in Education : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2019)


Exploring multisensory experiences in infants’ learning and development in the child care classrooms, Minsun Shin (2019)


“The edTPA took away from my student teaching experience”: The impact of the edTPA on student teaching experiences, Minsun Shin (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Redesigning Special Education Teacher Preparation : Challenges and Solutions, Jennifer L. Goeke, Katherine J. Mitchem, and Kalie R. Kossar (2018)

Submissions from 2017

Disability Studies and the Inclusive Classroom : Critical Practices for Embracing Diversity in Education, Susan Baglieri and Arthur Shapiro (2017)

Researching New Literacies : Design, Theory, and Data in Sociocultural Investigation, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear (2017)

Developing Critical Thinking : From Theory to Classroom Practice, Fernando Naiditch (2017)

Beyond Tolerance : Real World Literacy Teaching and Learning for PreK-6, Dierdre G. Paul (2017)

Confronting Racism in Teacher Education : Counternarratives of Critical Practice, Bree Picower and Rita Kohli (2017)

Successful Teaching : What Every Novice Teacher Needs to Know, David Schwarzer and Jaime Grinberg (2017)

Submissions from 2016

New Literacies and Teacher Learning : Professional Development and the Digital Turn, Michele Knobel and Judy Kalman (2016)


Poetics of Justice: Using Art as Action and Analysis in Participatory Action Research, Mayida Zaal and Jennifer Ayala (2016)

Submissions from 2015

What's Race Got To Do With It : How Current School Reform Policy Maintains Racial and Economic Inequality, Bree Picower and Edwin Mayorga (2015)

A Year in the Life of a Third Space Urban Teacher Residency : Using Inquiry to Reinvent Teacher Education, Monica Taylor and Emily J. Klein (2015)

Families, Professionals, and Exceptionality : Positive Outcomes Through Partnerships and Trust, Ann Turnbull, H. Rutherford Turnbull, Elizabeth J. Erwin, and Karrie A. Shogren (2015)

Submissions from 2014


In the Shadow of Tolerance: the discursive context of Dutch-born Muslim youth, Mayida Zaal (2014)

Submissions from 2013

A New Literacies Reader : Educational Perspectives, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2013)

Deep Knowledge : Learning to Teach Science for Understanding and Equity, Douglas B. Larkin (2013)

Submissions from 2012

Adult Basic Education in the Age of New Literacies, Erik Jacobson (2012)

Practice What You Teach : Social Justice Education in the Classroom and the Streets, Bree Picower (2012)

Submissions from 2011

New literacies, Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel (2011)

Submissions from 2007


Approaches to Diversifying the Teaching Force: Attending to Issues of Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention, Ana Maria Villegas and Danne Davis (2007)

Submissions from 2004


Normalizing difference in inclusive teaching, Susan Baglieri and Janice H. Knopf (2004)