How to Promote Self-Determination for Young Children with Disabilities: Evidenced-Based Strategies for Early Childhood Practitioners and Families

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Fran Martin, an early interventionist, arrives at the apartment of Jenny, a 3-year-old child with Down's syndrome, to provide services for Jenny and her mom, who is a single parent. Jenny is wearing a pretty pink dress that she chose to wear today. When she enters the family room, Fran is happy to see that the furniture has been rearranged to encourage Jenny's emerging gross motor activity while ensuring her safe use of the space. The toys provided are attractive and interesting to encourage Jenny's activity. Although Jenny has motor movement delays because of a cardiac condition and a number of surgeries to repair her malformed feet, she is beginning to pull up and shift her weight in a standing position. Fran talks with Jenny's mother about both her hopes and her concerns for her daughter. Fran and Jenny's mother continue to discuss ways to provide a safe environment that promotes movement that is both stimulating and interesting.



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