‘What Counts Is the Landscape’: The Making of Pino DiBuduo’s Invisible Cities

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New Theatre Quarterly


In October 1998 the Italian director Pino DiBuduo visited the Newark, New Jersey, campus of Rutgers University on the occasion of the major international conference, ‘Arts Transforming the Urban Environment’ For the occasion, he transformed a bleakly concrete teaching block on the Newark campus into a site for the latest of his Invisible Cities projects. These had originated in his Teatro Potlach company's residency in the Italian village of Fara Sabina in 1991, where DiBudo's intention – as in a number of site-specific variations on Invisible Cities since – was to render ‘visible’ aspects of the everyday urban environment which we no longer have the imagination or the patience to ‘see’. While Deborah Saivetz looks also at this original Italian project, and at a later version in Klagenfurt, Austria, she concentrates here on the Newark production, whose development she recorded – in this opening article in her own and DiBuduo's words, and in the following piece through the experiences and recollections of the participants.



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Saivetz, D. (2000). ‘What Counts is the Landscape’: The Making of Pino DiBuduo's ‘Invisible Cities’. New Theatre Quarterly, 16(1), 50-64. doi:10.1017/S0266464X00013452