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Date(s) of Performance

Filmed April 2021, Capruted at the Kasser Theatre

Created by

Book by Ellen McLaughlin; Music by Peter Foley; Artistic Staff: Director: Lisa Rothe; Music Director: Gregory Dlugos; Composer: Peter Foley; Production Stage Manager: Allison McLain

Directed by

Lisa Rothe


Performers: Caroline Quinn, Isabel Lagana, Eliza Andrus, Julianna Domiciano, Abby Menocal, Alex Burgess, Moriah Baskett, Deanna Thomas, Jadon Lopez, Danny Waldman, Alec Lobe, Erwin Guerrero, Joseph Castro, Eric Sebek, Michael Magielnicki, Landan Berlof

Production Staff

Coordinator of Musical Theatre: Clay James; Music Supervisor: Gregory Dlugos; Production Manager: Peter J. Davis; Production Associate: Cyndi Kumor; Scenic Supervisor: Erhard Rom; Technical Director: Ben Merrick; Assistant Technical Director: Daniel Graham; Props Supervisor: Alison Merrick; Costume Supervisor: Debra Otte; Costume Shop Supervisor: Judith Evans; Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor: Jeanette Aultz; Draper: Katie Pippin; Wardrobe Mentor: Amanda Siobahn; Lighting Supervisor: Cecilia Durbin; Studio Master Electrician: Michelle Tobias; Stage Manager Supervisor: Mysti Stay; Sound Supervisor: Megan Culley


Loosely based on a true story, this is a musical about an amnesiac veteran of the First World War, the doctor who treated him, and the many women who, in denial of their grief, claimed him as their lost beloved. The piece explores the agony of war for both the soldiers and the families they leave behind, the distorting power of loss, and the insistence of love. What is a country’s identity in the aftermath of such devastation? What is a self without memory?


Theatre and Performance Studies

The Names We Gave Him : Music Capture

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