Performance Title

Titanic : The Musical



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Date(s) of Performance

Filmed April and May 2021, Captured at the Kasser Theatre

Created by

Story and Book by Peter Stone; Music and Lyrics by Maury Yeston; Director: Mark Hardy; Music Director: Kevin Stites; Choreographer: Kim Whittam; Production Stage Manager: Johanna Baronowitz

Directed by

Mark Hardy


Performers: Alex Birchwale, Zack Abbey, Jason Yanta, Eric Sebek, Liam Driscoll, Anthony DaSilva, Griffin Shoemaker, Ben Strong, Chase Fontenot, Ben Daniel, Justin Sudderth, Tiffany Furricchio, Ariana Rivera, Amaya White, Jenny Brady, Joey Cooper, Kate Mazza, Joshua Cellar, Lexie DeBlasio, Harrison Smith, Katie Davis, Maggie Likcan, Gianna Grosso; Orchestra: Katia Baranova, Jason Menow, Nicole Stites, Derek Wohc, Jim Nozzetti, Kara Delonas


Alex Grabiec, Louis Biondolillo, Jason Dubinski, Lance Trusty, Michael Konopka, Parizaad Mohammadi, Kieran Brennan, Frankie Marrone, Shawn Palmer, Zack Jiang, Danielle Vacca, Angelica Wilson, Lauren Cabrera, Elliott Whittington-Booker, Radha Martinez, Andrew Malik, Annette Fornah, Jenna Reilly, Michael DeMateo, Justin Urbealis, Jozyah Ramos, Matthew Gomez

Production Crew

Carter Winner, Gary Brown, Anton Specht, Julz Radley, Daniel Currie, Skylar Seitzman, Dillon Hoffman, Michael Banovic, Brianna Nichols, Amanda Fantasia

Production Staff

Coordinator of Musical Theatre: Clay James; Music Supervisor: Gregory Dlugos; Production Manager: Peter J. Davis; Production Associate: Cyndi Kumor; Production Office Assistant: Dalton Gorden; Scenic Supervisor: Erhard Rom; Technical Director: Benjamin Merrick; Assistant Technical Director: Daniel Graham; Props Supervisor: Alison Merrick; Costume Supervisor: Debra Otte; Costume Shop Supervisor: Judith Evans; Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor: Jeanette Aultz; Drapers: Siobhan Nestor, Amanda Phillips-Balingit, Katie Pippin; Hair and Makeup Mentor: Courtney Smith; Lighting Supervisor: Cecilia Durbin; Production Master Electrician: Christopher Thielking


The sinking of the Titanic in the early hours of April 15, 1912 remains the quintessential disaster of the twentieth century. A total of 1,517 souls- men, women, and children- lost their lives (only 711 survived). The fact that the finest, largest, strongest ship in the world- called, in fact, the unsinkable ship- should have been lost during it’s maiden voyage is so incredible that, had it not actually happened, no author would have dared to contrive it.


Theatre and Performance Studies

Titanic : The Musical

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