Performance Title

Top Girls



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Date(s) of Performance

Filmed April and May 2021, Captured at the Kasser Theatre

Created by

"A play by Caryl Churchill; Director: Susan Kerner; Scenic Designer: Camyron Chauffe; Costume Designer: Grace Wilson; Lighting Designer: Emily Gocon; Sound Designer: Maggie Spector-Williams; Hair & Makeup Designer: Kriszta Hajek; Production Stage Manager: Miranda Sage Rhode; Assistant Director: Lili Salt, Ilana Schimmel, Julia Ciesielski, Sofia Pastena; Technical Director: Ben Merrick; Assistant Technical Director: Daniel Graham; Asst. Costume Designer: Kate Repp; Asst. Lighting Designer: Lauren Bonavitacola; Master Electrician: Anthony Borsellino; Asst. Master Electrician: Sam Bloch, Axiom Cutler; Props Master: Becca Sauer; Assistant Props Master: Frank Scarnaty Jr. Light Board Op: Ryan Randazzo; Wardrobe Head: Sadie Bevando; Asst. Stage Manager: Drew Belen, Catherine Cooper; Crew: Julia Ciesielski, Sofia Pastena

Directed by

Susan Kerner


Performers: Haley Amann, Nell Fossa, Tatiana Dominguez, Connie Curme, Madeline Gambon, Andrew Linded, Nayale Quimis, Jess Pace, Diana Maldonado, Sofia Pastena, Julia Ciesielski, Talie Wynzel, Alexis Key

Production Staff

Coordinator of Acting: Heather Benton; Production Manager: Peter J. Davis; Production Associate: Cyndi Kumor; Production Office Assistant: Dalton Gorden; Scenic Supervisor: Erhard Rom; Technical Director: Benjamin Merrick; Assistant Technical Director: Daniel Graham; Props Supervisor: Alison Merrick; Costume Supervisor: Debra Otte; Costume Shop Supervisor: Judith Evans; Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor: Jeanette Aultz; Drapers: Siobhan Nestor, Amanda Phillips-Balingit, Katie Pippin; Hair and Makeup Mentor: Courtney Smith; Lighting Supervisor: Cecilia Durbin; Production Master Electrician: Christopher Thielking; Studio Master Electrician: Michelle Tobias; Sound Supervisor: Megan Culley; Sound Associate: Kevin Johnson; Finley Studio Electrician: Winnie Ng Zhen; Stage Management: Supervisor Mysti Stay


Just as timely and provocative as when it debuted in the early ‘80s, Top Girls highlight the sacrifices made by women in their quest for success and what happens to those left behind. With her characteristically bold theatricality, Caryl Churchill examines women in the workplace in Maggie Thatcher’s Britain who choose to take on the worst traits of men. At the heart of her emotionally blistering and sharply witty play, two sisters, one an upwardly mobile businesswoman and the other passionately committed to her working-class roots, battle over personal and deeply held political views in a confrontation that will forever change their lives.


Theatre and Performance Studies

Top Girls

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