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Date(s) of Performance

March 18th, 19th, 23rd, 24th, 25th 2022

Created by

A play by Simon Stephens

Directed by

Heather Benton


Adrew Linden, Marie-Pier Poulin, Haley Amman, Erwin Gurrero, Laura McHale, Anthony Piccininni, Anna Moceri, Alex Key, Edmillie Binet, Ethan Metz, Khalil Louigene, Jared Preson, Jessica Sconfienza, Elijah Davis, Jannette Fisher, Understudies, Elise Bednar, Jake Declan, Jace Pastras, Allison Rosofsky

Production Crew

Dennis Oliveira | Assistant Director Dr. Costa, Dr. McKeating, Kaitlin Mulcahy, Corinne Catalano from the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health, and Robert Getz and Jeremy Landes | Neuro-Diversity Consultants Anna Moceri | Dance Captain Alexis Key | Assistant Dance Captain Collin Sordelet | Assistant Fight/Intimacy Director Brett Fox | Fight Captain Becca McLarty | Voice and Dialect Coach Jess Pace | Voice and Dialects Assistant Alison Merrick | Head Props Frankie Scarnaty | Assistant Set Designer Valentina Cannao | Deck Carpenter Sofia Dietze | Assistant Costume Designer Sydney Cheplic | Assistant Lighting Designer Joey Messana | Head Electrician Levi Morici | Assistant Head Electrician Ryan Randazzo | Deck Electrician Axiom Cutler | Light Board Op Nick Caburis | Sound A1 Prince Bawuah, Ammiel Moses | Sound A2 Anastasia Swan | SFX Operator Mia Watson | Wardrobe Head Sammy Bravos, Alex Burgess, Cassandra Kohlmayer | Wardrobe Crew Eva Burke, Brianna Guillen, Griffin O’Connor | Assistant Stage Managers

Production Staff

Heather Benton | Coordinator of Acting Mysti Stay | Coordinator of Design, Technology, and Management Peter J. Davis | Production Manager Mary Gragen | Assistant Production Manager Cyndi Kumor | Production Associate Lisa Grimes | Social Media and Promotion Manager Linda Moats | House Manager Dalton Gorden | Production Office Assistant Erhard Rom | Scenic Mentor Benjamin Merrick | Technical Director Daniel Graham | Assistant Technical Director Daniel Haussler | Head Carpenter Jeanette Meises | Scenic Charge Artist Alison Merrick | Props Supervisor Robin McGee | Costume Design Mentor Judith Evans | Costume Shop Supervisor Jeanette Aultz | Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor Amanda Phillips-Balingit, Katie Pippin, Robin Ankerich | Drapers Marlene Olson Hamm | Wardrobe Supervisor Courtney Smith | Hair and Makeup Design Mentor Nicholas Kolin | Lighting Design Mentor Osman M. Morales | Head Electrician Zachary Brienza | Assistant Electrician Megan Culley | Sound Design Mentor Daniel Gonko | Head Sound Technician Mysti Stay | Stage Management Mentor


When a neighbor’s dog turns up murdered, 15-year-old Christopher (a suspect himself) sets out to solve the mystery and embarks on a terrifying journey that takes him far beyond his familiar street in Swindon, UK. As Christopher navigates the world through a unique neurological lens with a brilliance for math, his journey reveals more than the murderer, as family secrets unravel, bonds of trust are broken, and his once predictable world spins out of control. Based on the award-winning novel by Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time received 7 Olivier Awards, including Best New Play in 2013.


Theatre and Performance Studies

Curious Inceident of the Dog in the Nightime

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