Performance Title

Into the Woods



Brochure / Program (2.2 MB)

Date(s) of Performance

April 28th, 29th, 30th 2022

Created by

Book by James Lapine; Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick

Directed by

Peter Flynn


Benkamin Hoermann, Hannah Fink, Noah Lytle, Justice Smith, Jadon Lopez, Jenny Brady, Jane Lui, Izzy Ramirez, Katie Davis, Moriah Baskett, Sadie Goodman, Caitlin Walsh, Miranda Wolf, Julian Luque, Grace Rivera, David Hartway, Justin Lopez, Michael Mottram, Julianna Domiciano, Landan Berlof, Swings, Charlie Lenoard, Harry Conrelio

Production Crew

Barry Spatz, Sarah Brett England | Rehearsal Pianists Omar Presendieu | Assistant Director Alex Birchwale | Assistant Music Director Chase Fontenot | Assistant Choreographer Michael Brinskele | Assistant Set Designer Tania Borbon | Assistant Costume Designer Joseph Messana | Assistant Lighting Designer Kriszta Hajek, Julyzza Santiago | Hair/Makeup Assistants Justin Stuart | Head Electrician Winnie Ng Zhen | Assistant Electrician Julian Orozco | Deck Electrician Michael Brinskele | Prop Head Jenna Kancelaric | Assistant Prop Head Jenna Kancelaric, Lauren Bonavitacola | Prop Runners Levi Morici | Light Board Operator Sydney Cheplic | Sound A1 Nick Caburis, Jack Wyrsch | Sound A2 Anastasia Swan | Qlab Operator Johanna Baronowitz | Wardrobe Head Andrew Linden, Abby Menocal, Allison Rosofsy, Arthur Thornton, Victor Cabaero | Wardrobe Crew Joey Anderson, Jared Preston, Ray Parente | Deck Crew Frankie Scarnaty, Ashantah Kerr, Valentina Cannao | Fly Operators Lorena Osta, Seyma Binis | Production Assistants Drew Belen, Kyrah Michael, Malashia Carter | Assistant Stage Managers

Production Staff

Mark Hardy | Coordinator of Musical Theatre Michael O. Mitchell | Music Supervisor Sarah Brett England | Musical Associate Mysti Stay | Coordinator of Design, Technology, and Management Peter J. Davis | Production Manager Mary Gragen | Assistant Production Manager Cyndi Kumor | Production Associate Lisa Grimes | Social Media and Promotion Manager Linda Moats | House Manager Dalton Gorden | Production Office Assistant Erhard Rom | Scenic Design Mentor Benjamin Merrick | Technical Director Daniel Graham | Assistant Technical Director Daniel Haussler | Head Carpenter Jeanette Meises | Scenic Charge Artist Alison Merrick | Props Supervisor Robin McGee | Costume, Hair and Makeup Design Mentor Judith Evans | Costume Shop Supervisor Jeanette Aultz | Assistant Costume Shop Supervisor Amanda Phillips-Balingit, Katie Pippin, Robin Ankerich | Drapers Marlene Olson Hamm | Wardrobe Supervisor Nicholas Kolin | Lighting Design Mentor Osman M. Morales | Head Electrician Zachary Brienza | Assistant Electrician Megan Culley | Sound Design Mentor Daniel Gonko | Head Sound Technician/Mentor Nick Kanderis | Assistant Sound Technician


“…and they live happily ever after.” So end all of our most beloved fairy tales; but what if there was a different “after” after the “ever after”? Are we always happy with what we get? Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s most acclaimed musical explores what happens when dreams come true, wishes are granted, and spells are broken. With soaring music, funny dialogue, and unexpected twists and turns, Into the Woods at MSU promises a night of mystery, magic, humor, and surprise. At a time when we are beginning to come out of our homes, we invite you Into the Woods.


Theatre and Performance Studies

Into the Woods

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