The Last Days of Print Culture : Raffone in Naples, Victoria de Grazia and Nancy Goldring (2016)

Residential Hot Water and Steam Heating : Gas, Oil, & Solid Fuels, Martin L. Greenwald (2013)

Images of the Tropical Forest, Martin L. Greenwald and Richard Lowell (2013)

School of Nite, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Nancy Goldring (2016)

Exhibit Catalogs

Nancy Goldring : Punti di Fuga, Altri Paesaggi, Nancy Goldring (2012)

Vanishing Points, Otherscapes of = Punti Di Fuga, Altri Paesaggi di, Nancy Goldring (2012)

Jay Wholley : The Piero/Leonardo Project, February 25-April 17, 2015, Jay Wholley and Mimi Weinberg (2015)