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Visions of Research in Music Education


There is an alarming gap between rising numbers of minority students and a shrinking minority teaching force. The purpose of this research was to explore the question: Why are so few students of color preparing to teach music in the public schools? Black and Latino music students and teachers who graduated from urban high schools in northern New Jersey were interviewed about their race/ethnic related experiences in college along with their ideas about the scarcity of music students of color in music teacher education. Data, presented in narrative form, indicated a complex web of factors that discourage high school students from considering a career in music teaching. Consequently, this research emphasizes the importance of listening to the voices of those who have been marginalized before suggesting solutions for how we recruit and educate students of color.

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DeLorenzo, Lisa C., and Marissa Silverman. “From the Margins: The Underrepresentation of Black and Latino Students/Teachers in Music Education.” Visions of Research in Music Education, vol. 27, Feb. 2016, p. 1.