Reconstructing Aristophanic Performance: Stage Properties in Acharnians

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Spring 2007

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Classical World


Nowhere is Aristophanes' use of stage properties more striking than in Acharnians. Drawing on recent work in performance theory, this article attempts to reexamine the staging of major scenes in Acharnians by focusing on Aristophanes' concern for sensational and symbolically charged stage properties. Physical objects in this play seem to have two primary functions: (a) they "animate" and "anchor" many of Aristophanes' jokes; and (b) they are often the major vehicle through which Aristophanes reinforces his political and cultural commentary on wartime Athens.


Paper originated in a panel held at the Fall 2002 Meeting of the Classical Association of the Atlantic States in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on "Aristophanes and the Boundaries of Comedy."

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English, Mary C. "Reconstructing Aristophanic Performance: Stage Properties in Acharnians." Classical World, vol. 100 no. 3, 2007, p. 199-227. Project MUSE, doi:10.1353/clw.2007.0026.