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This image was published on March 7, 1965 in The Sunday Post. The caption reads: "MIDLAND SCHOOL on 1898 was housed in this buildling, now used for the Midland Avenue Library. Miss Emily Howland (top row, left) taught all eight grades at the school from 1894 to 1898. Not all the chlldren can be identified. The Negro children were the sons and daughters of two families, the Stewarts and the Watsons, who lived in the general area of Dunerkhook Road, off Paramus Road. NO information about there whereabouts is available. Those who have been identified are: Top row, left to right, Miss Howland, Horace Frederick, Nellie Zabriskie (believed to be deceased),a nd Maggie Walthery. Second row: Gary Cooper (standing alone on the steps, deceased), Margaret DeVuyst, Bertha Wolf (center) Lona Koch, and Maria Den Blyker (far right, under post).Third row: Lillian Blauvelt, Ida DeVuyst (with hands folded), and Frank Clauss (deceased). Fourth row: a Den Blyken (cap in hand). a Schwartz (far right).

Source: Bergen County Historical Society Archives


historic photo, Dunkerhook, Paramus, New Jersey

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