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Studies in Conflict & Terrorism


Terrorism research has gained much traction since the 9/11 attacks, but some sub genres of terrorism, such as right-wing terrorism, have remained under-studied areas. Unsurprisingly data sources to study these phenomena are scarce and frequently face unique data collection obstacles. This paper explores five major, social-scientific terrorism databases in regards to data on right-wing terrorist events. The paper also provides an in-depth examination of the utilization of criminal legal proceedings to research right-wing terrorist acts. Lastly, legal case databases are introduced and discussed to show the lack of available court information and case proceedings in regards to right-wing terrorism.


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Peterka-Benton, Daniela, and Francesca Laguardia. "The Trouble with Numbers: Difficult Decision Making in Identifying Right-Wing Terrorism Cases. An Investigative Look at Open Source Social Scientific and Legal Data." Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (2021): 1-24.