Achieving Customer Value from Electronic Channels Through Identity Commitment, Calculative Commitment, and Trust in Technology

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How consumers feel about themselves-particularly in relation to technology - may have an important influence on their adoption and use of technology. Although research on electronic channels has shown that Web site and consumer characteristics are important predictors of consumer trust, researchers have not considered the role played by consumers'commitment to their identity as technology users. This paper explores whether consumer identity commitment and calculative commitment to electronic channels impact consumer use of electronic channels and perceived value from the service firm. More specifically, it examines whether these effects are mediated by trust in technology and trust in the firm. Using survey data from 834 consumers engaged in both offline and online banking, plus transaction frequency data supplied by a host firm, the study finds that identity commitment plays an important role in building consumer trust in technology and that calculative commitment increases transaction frequency directly, unmediated by trust in technology. Theoretical and managerial implications of these findings are explored.



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