Indigenous Voices Today Documentary

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Spring 5-2022


This video documentary is the final presentation for the Spring 2022 course RELG 382/HONP 301 "Indigenous Voices Today." Twelve students joined Dr. Mark Clatterbuck (Religion Dept.) in partnering with Chief Vincent Mann, Turtle Clan Ramapough, in their ongoing efforts to address the environmental and public health impacts of living on a toxic Superfund Site in Upper Ringwood, New Jersey. The students worked on two projects that are critical to the Turtle Clan's efforts in achieving justice: [1] establishing a tribal archive, in collaboration with MSU, to digitize and preserve essential records related to the industrial contamination and failed federal clean-up efforts of the Tribe's homeland; and [2] laying the groundwork for an Indigenous well-briety clinic in the Tribe's community. Here in this final presentation, students describe their community-based work and summarize their findings.


'Indigenous Voices Today' student video creator: Yazemin Yilmaz

Yazemin Yilmaz is majoring in Film and Television and is the Promotions and Assistant Digital Marketing Director at WMSC Upper Montclair (Montclair State's award-winning college radio station). She loves music, photography, traveling, culture/history, and science. She plans to either be a traveling documentarist for companies such as National Geographic or a digital marketing director for a women's sports team. In the meantime, she is a freelance videographer/photographer and a Music Community Contributor for VERO: True Social.

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