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Spring 5-2024


This report has found that various local stores within the city of Paterson have been packaging and displaying cannabis items in a similar fashion to candies popular with children, thus leading to instances of children purchasing these items and consuming them. This highlights issues surrounding enforcement of various New Jersey statutes regulating the distribution of cannabis items to those under the age of 21. This negligence at the hands of store owners has helped contribute to the increase of cannabis poisonings due to being so easily accessible by children. The increased normalization of cannabis uses with its legalization and the lack of awareness surrounding the improper consumption of it has also greatly contributed to this rise in poisonings. Finally, the related findings suggest that advocating for better enforcement of the law along with increased public awareness of irresponsible cannabis consumption will lead to a decrease in reported cannabis poisonings amongst children.

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Addressing Youth Cannabis Poisonings in Paterson, NJ POLS 324 White Paper No. 1 Montclair State University Spring 2024