Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Religion, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, are collected here.


Submissions from 2021


Women Philosophers. Volume II, Entering Academia in Nineteenth-Century America, Dorothy G. Rogers (2021)

Submissions from 2020


Liberal Quaker Reconciliation Theology : A Constructive Approach, Christy Randazzo (2020)


Women Philosophers. Volume I, Education and Activism in Nineteenth-Century America, Dorothy G. Rogers (2020)

Submissions from 2017

Crow Jesus : Personal Stories of Native Religious Belonging, Mark Clatterbuck (2017)


Religion and Genocide Nexuses: Bosnia as Case Study, Kate E. Temoney (2017)

Submissions from 2016


The 1994 Rwandan Genocide: The Religion/Genocide Nexus, Sexual Violence, and the Future of Genocide Studies, Kate E. Temoney (2016)

Submissions from 2015

God in the Tumult of the Global Square : Religion in Global Civil Society, Mark Juergensmeyer, Dinah Griego, and John Soboslai (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Tribal alliances : the State of Israel and native American Christianity., Mark Clatterbuck (2014)

Submissions from 2012

Contributions by Women to Nineteenth Century American Philosophy : Frances Wright, Antoinette Brown-Blackwell, Marietta Kies, Therese Boos Dykeman and Dorothy G. Rogers (2012)

Submissions from 2009

Demons, Saints & Patriots : Catholic Visions of Native America Through the Indian Sentinel, 1902-1962, Mark Clatterbuck (2009)

Submissions from 2006


Rashid Ridā and Maqāsid al-Sharī'a, Yasir Ibrahim (2006)

Submissions from 1997


"Making Hegel Talk English" — America's First Women Idealists, Dorothy G. Rogers (1997)