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Move over, black and orange, and step aside for the color that is going to dominate Halloween this year, “Barbie Pink.” And yes, Ken, “it won’t matter what you do, you will always be number two,” at least when it comes to Halloween costumes in 2023. And those wildly popular Star Wars and Marvel character costumes traditionally seen during the “spookiest” time of the year? It seems they won’t match the popularity of the fictional character, Barbie, who reemerged this year on the pop culture scene after the incredible success of the Warner Bros. film “Barbie” released in July.

Based on the Google Trends analysis and social media analytics from Brandwatch, our study on Halloween costumes reveals the following key findings. First, Barbie is the most popular costume of the year for Americans. Second, an exponential surge in online search related to Barbie costumes was observed from October 1 to October 24, 2023. Third, more than 46K conversations on social media focused on Barbie and Ken costumes in October. Fourth, social media users enthusiastically shared their intention to dress as Barbie, gushing about the excitement of creating a "pink utopia" for this Halloween.