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Spring 2-13-2024


Valentine’s Day, typically defined by expression of love and affection, has been celebrated as a symbolic day to exchange gifts among lovers. The expression of love has been firmly tied with the act of giving material things, such as gifts. However, over the years, discomfort and even anger has grown around the over-commercialization of Valentine’s Day, creating a deep divide between those who gift and those who criticize and denounce the holiday as nothing but a “Hallmark card holiday” to push consumerism. Our center’s study from the previous year indicated that over-commercialization of Valentine’s Day found that love is not defined by materialistic consumptions (Choi et al., 2023). However, the prospects for 2024 are different.

To explore social media users’ general sentiments towards the practice of gift giving on Valentine’s Day, this study utilized AI-driven social media analytics tool, Brandwatch, to collect and examine social conversations from various platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, and others. This study examined over 2 million social media posts over a 10-day period (February 1 - February 11) prior to Valentine’s Day 2024. Search queries related to Valentine’s Day (e.g., #Valentinesday, flowers, chocolate, jewelry, etc.) were built to collect data.


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