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Fall 10-30-2023


Encapsulated in pink, Barbie epitomizes a dreamland that stimulates feelings of nostalgia, joy, and imagination, fulfilling individuals’ desire to escape. Mattel, the parent company of Barbie, and Warner Bros. through 100 or more brand collaborations (del Barco, 2023), has relentlessly swept the world with a blitz of Barbie-themed merchandises, such as Barbie dreamhouse rentals, Barbie gaming consoles, Barbie pasta, Barbie pink suitcases, Barbie apparels, bright fuchsia Xbox, Barbie boat cruise, pink burger, etc. Staggering surge for online sales of Barbie-themed products affirms the impressive upswing of online consumers’ interest in Barbie.

With the significance of Halloween, the popularity of Barbie, and the ubiquity of popular culture in the online space, this research investigates the extent to which Barbie costumes are generating online activity, searches, and general interest in comparison to other potential costume choices. This study of more than 46,000 social media posts finds that Barbie costumes are resoundingly more popularl than costumes for Ken, Star Wars and Marvel characters.


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