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Children and Youth Services Review


A significant challenge facing the child welfare system is the recruitment and retention of a stable and qualified workforce. Several studies have identified individual and organizational factors impacting workforce turnover. The current study expands upon previous research by utilizing a mixed methods design to examine the relationship between workers' perceptions of respect in the workplace and their intention to leave. Thematic analysis of the qualitative data revealed that workers perceive a lack of respect in five domains including organizational support, fair salary and benefits, fair promotion potential, adequate communication and contingent rewards. Based on the qualitative findings, researchers designed the Respect Scale, a quantitative scale measuring the concept perceived respect. Results from the logistic regression found that workers who score lower on the Respect Scale were significantly more likely to intend to leave their current job. Research and practice implications are discussed.



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Augsberger, A., Schudrich, W., McGowan, B. G., & Auerbach, C. (2012). Respect in the workplace: A mixed methods study of retention and turnover in the voluntary child welfare sector. Children and Youth Services Review, 34(7), 1222-1229.

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