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Journal of Applied Gerontology


The goals of this study are to provide national estimates of turnover and retention for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants in nursing homes, and to examine the associations between management tenure, organizational characteristics, local economic conditions, turnover, and retention. The 2004 National Nursing Home Survey is used as the primary source of data. The annualized turnover rate is found to be the highest among certified nursing assistants at 74.5%, followed by registered nurses at 56.1%, and licensed practical nurses at 51.0%. National retention rates reveal that between 62.5% and 67.3% of nurses have been employed at the same organization for more than one year. Director of nursing tenure, registered nurse hours per patient day, and certified nursing assistant hours per patient day show the most consistent associations to lower turnover and higher retention.


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Donoghue, C. (2010). Nursing home staff turnover and retention: An analysis of national level data. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 29(1), 89-106.

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