Department Chair: Dr. Yasemin Besen-Cassino

Sociology majors study all aspects of society and social behavior. They learn important career skills like how to solve problems, engage in teamwork and lead others. They become prepared for careers in social work, human services, business, social policy, law, education, government, the nonprofit sector and other industries. The Department of Sociology offers a variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to a major and a minor in sociology, the department also offers a sociology major with ttacher certification in Preschool to Grade 12 or Grades K-6 or earn a BA/MAT & Certificate Grades K-6. At the graduate level, the department offers certificates in Customer Experience & User Experience Research (CX & UX Research) and Data Collection and Management as well as an MA in Social Research and Analysis. The Department of Sociology has a roster of full-time and affiliated faculty members from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Their department has scholars in the areas including: applied sociology, culture and popular culture, demography, development, gender, labor, immigration, mass media, religion, race and ethnicity, social psychology, social psychology of education, urban sociology, text analysis, theory, youth.


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