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Lily Benavides

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Lily Benavides was born in Colombia and came to the US at the age of 24. She has been active as Co-Chair in the Green Party of New Jersey and other organizations. She has done organizing against discrimination in New Hampshire and has distributed food during the pandemic. As part of the daily fight of communities of color she understands that to make an ever-lasting change, people need to be free of the oppression of the two reigning parties. She also has four children and eight grandchildren.

Lily Benavides nació en Colombia y llegó a los EE. UU. a la edad de 24 años. Ha estado activa como copresidenta del Partido Verde de Nueva Jersey y otras organizaciones. Ha organizado contra la discriminación en New Hampshire y ha distribuido alimentos durante la pandemia. Como parte de la lucha diaria de las comunidades de color, entiende que para lograr un cambio duradero, las personas deben liberarse de la opresión de los dos partidos reinantes. También tiene cuatro hijos y ocho nietos.


New Jersey


Nhatii Shoulars

Date Recorded

Fall 12-9-2022

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Montclair State University Course

SOCI 307

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Stephen Ruszczyk


Protest, leadership, mutual aid, discrimination, border crossing


An interview with Lily Benavides, a leader with the Green Party of New Jersey and an activist. The interview covers life before immigrating, arrival and integration, and political participation.


Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Learning | Migration Studies | Politics and Social Change

Interview with Lily Benavides