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Secretary of Public Education, Mexico


New Jersey Test of Reasoning Skills: Spanish translation and adaptation by Luis Nunez Gornes, Director of the School of Education, Anáhuac University, with the collaboration of Virginia Hernandez Lopez, Dolores Nieva Rivas, and Maria Elena Sevilla, from the Secretary of Public Education, Mexico, 1986.

The New Jersey Test of Reasoning Skills was developed by Dr Virginia Shipman. Senior Research Psychologist, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, with support from the Division of Research, Planning and Evaluation of the New Jersey Department of Education under Title IV-C. This test is the property of the Totowa,New JerseyBoard of Education, and can be used or reproduced, in part in its totality, only with permission of the Board or its authorised representative.

The New Jersey Test of Reasoning Skills is copyright © 1983 by the Totowa Board of Education, Totowa, New Jersey. Revised 1985.

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