Pedagogical Approaches to Laboratory Phonology


The purpose of this workshop was to create a forum to exchange ideas, tools, and techniques in teaching Laboratory Phonology. Some of the questions addressed included: What role does laboratory phonology have in the undergraduate/graduate curriculum? Is it possible to design a course in laboratory phonology that does not have a more “traditional” phonology and/or phonetics course(s) as pre-requisite(s)? What technical / computational / statistical issues arise? Alternatively, does a laboratory phonology approach lend itself more to a topic-driven course in which a particular research question is investigated, or a more traditional phonology course that surveys one or more phonological frameworks? What do sample activities/assignments/syllabi centered on a particular topic within laboratory phonology look like, and how might they be improved based on current research in pedagogy? Our goal for this workshop was to initiate a conversation amongst researchers and instructors about pedagogical challenges, approaches, and resources that arise in bringing laboratory phonology into the classroom.

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Workshop 2020