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This text responds to a request from Ashwin Vaidya, co-editor of LASER, in the spirit of his journal’s mission, “to explore links between science and art.” I have published ten volumes of nonfiction -- biography, history, essays and cultural studies – and two collections of poetry and translation over the past five decades. And I was founding director of The (virtual, interdisciplinary) Creative Research Center at Montclair State University from 2010-2020. This is my first attempt to write systematically and analytically about the phases, stages and challenges of generating and structuring a full-length monograph, peering downward from a thirty-thousand foot point of view; free to observe through-lines, habits and trends, without referencing any of my books by name, observing self-imposed strictures of order in service to the completed written work. In other words – if, indeed, other words are required – this essay is informed by the collisions of imagination and rigor that characterize my refreshingly-acknowledged hypothesized view of science and my experiential view of art.