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Winter 1-8-2008

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Motivational Interviewing Skill Code v. 2.1


Over years of using MISC 1 we have learned much about which categories were redundant or unreliable, and also about which processes are most important to the effectiveness of MI. The MISC has also helped us to clarify the points at which skill acquisition in MI is more challenging.

Based on this experience, we have developed Version 2.0, which is intended to improve on the original MISC in reliability, efficiency, and relevance to training and clinical practice. A disadvantage of revising an instrument, of course, is that one must start over in demonstrating its reliability and validity. Although many strong features of MISC 1.0 have been retained, we have also made substantive changes that we believe will further strengthen this instrument. In the interim, while we are studying the characteristics of this new version, it may be desirable for some purposes to continue using MISC 1, which has known psychometric properties. Section A outlines the significant changes that have been introduced with MISC 2.0 and the rationale for these changes.

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Miller, William R., Theresa B. Moyers, Denise Ernst, and Paul Amrhein. "Manual for the motivational interviewing skill code (MISC)." Unpublished manuscript. Albuquerque: Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions, University of New Mexico (2003).