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Current directions in psychological science


Researchers have recently shown increasing interest in assessments of trustworthiness, devoting much attention to whether trustworthiness can be detected from a person’s facial appearance. This question has been investigated along diverse behavioral dimensions, using a wide variety of targets, and with great inconsistency in results. Here, we call for greater precision in defining trustworthiness. We review various subdomains of trustworthiness perception and argue that developing a more highly specified taxonomy of trustworthiness will allow for better predictions about when trustworthiness can be judged on the basis of appearance, for more precision in estimating how accurate people are in making such judgments, and for more accurate information regarding the specific cues relevant to inferring trustworthiness in each domain.



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Wilson, J. P., & Rule, N. O. (2017). Advances in understanding the detectability of trustworthiness from the face: Toward a taxonomy of a multifaceted construct. Current directions in psychological science, 26(4), 396-400.

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