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Fall 11-2013

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American Journal of Public Health (AJPH)


In 2000, Rockland County, a small suburban county north of New York City, dedicated $1 million of its Master Settlement Agreement funds to a comprehensive tobacco control program, Put It Out Rockland. Developed and implemented by the county health department, this program used an essential public health services model and an ongoing financial investment, within the context of strong statewide tobacco control efforts, to lower adult smoking rates to 9.7% and to reduce both smoking among youths and exposure to secondhand smoke over the ensuing decade. By combining state funds and local dollars for a total of $6.75 cost per capita, this comprehensive effort yielded 11 000 fewer smokers and translated to a potential savings of more than $24 million for the county.


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Lieberman, Lisa, Una Diffley, Sandy King, Shelley Chanler, Maryanne Ferrara, Oscar Alleyne, and Joan Facelle. "Local tobacco control: application of the essential public health services model in a county health department’s efforts to Put It Out Rockland." American journal of public health 103, no. 11 (2013): 1942-1948.