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International Journal for Equity in Health


COVID-19 has imposed unprecedented challenges to society. As the pandemic evolves, the social distancing measures that have been globally enforced, while essential, are having undesirable socioeconomic side effects particularly among vulnerable populations. In Mexico, families who depend upon informal employment face increased threats to their wellbeing, and households who in addition have young children may face long-term consequences. The Mexican government has not yet taken actions, but a coalition of non-governmental organizations is advocating in partnership with academic institutions for social protection actions such as a cash transfer and basic services subsidies for families with young children, subsisting from the informal sector economy. To facilitate governmental action, we estimated the costs for implementation of these recommendations. The methodology used could be replicated in other countries facing similar challenges.


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Vilar-Compte, Mireya, Víctor Pérez, Graciela Teruel, Aranzazu Alonso, and Rafael Pérez-Escamilla. "Costing of actions to safeguard vulnerable Mexican households with young children from the consequences of COVID-19 social distancing measures." International Journal for Equity in Health 19, no. 1 (2020): 1-3.