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Grand Band
Office of Arts + Cultural Programming and PEAK Performances at Montclair State University


Yeast Immunophilins: Purification and Assay of Yeast FKBP12
Gregory Wiederrecht and John Siekierka


The Role of Guanine Nucleotides in Translational Control by Protein Phosphorylation
John Siekierka, Thomas M. Mariano, Severo Ochoa, Patricia Reichel, and Michael B. Mathews


The Placental Transfer of Methotrexate in Rats
R. M. McClain and John Siekierka


The Compositional Spread Approach to High-Dielectric Constant Materials and Materials for Integrated Optics
Lynn Schneemeyer, Robert B. Van Dover, Cristi K. Madsen, and C. L. Claypool


Structure and Synthesis of Moniliformin, a Novel Cyclobutane Microbial Toxin
James P. Springer, Jon Clardy, Richard J. Cole, Jerry W. Kirksey, Richard K. Hill, Robert M. Carlson, and John Isidor


Single-Molecule Dynamics Associated with Protein Folding and Deformations of Light-Harvesting Complexes
David Talaga, Yiwei Jia, Martin A. Bopp, Alexander Sytnik, William F. DeGrado, R. J. Cogdell, and Robin M. Hochstrasser


Rotating Ring- and Split Ring-Disk Electrodes with Interchangeable Disks
S. Menezes, Lynn Schneemeyer, and Barry Miller


Role of Phosphorylation–Dephosphorylation Cycles in the Control of Protein Synthesis in Eukaryotes
Severo Ochoa, Cesar De Haro, John Siekierka, and Haim Grosfeld


Potential Roles of Other FK 506-Binding Proteins in Mediating the Effects of FK 506
John Siekierka, Gregory Wiederrecht, John G. Cryan, Shirley H.Y. Hung, M. Comisky, and Nolan H. Sigal

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