Submissions from 2018


Linguistic Characteristics of Censorable Language on SinaWeibo, Christopher Leberknight, Jing Peng, Anna Feldman, and Kei Yin Ng (2018)

Submissions from 2017


Incorporating Human Error Education into Software Engineering Courses via Error-based Inspections, Vaibhav Anu, Gursimran Walia, and Gary Bradshaw (2017)

Bioinformatics Database Systems, Kevin Byron, Katherine G. Herbert, and Jason T. L. Wang (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Βαγια-κασνεσι βοιωτιασ : Διαδρομή στον χώρο και τον χρόνο, George Antoniou (2016)

Βοιωτοί στην Αμερική : Mέσα απο τους συλλόγους τους, George Antoniou (2016)


Effectiveness of Human Error Taxonomy during Requirements Inspection: An Empirical Investigation, Vaibhav Anu and Gursimran Walia (2016)