Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2011

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorption of Two Algal Odorants, Dimethyl Trisulfide and Β-Cyclocitral, Ke jia Zhang, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, Ming hao Shui, and Yulin Tang (2011)

The Effect of Backwashing in the Structure of Microbial Community On Biological Activated Carbon (BAC) in a Water Treatment Plant, Lu Zheng, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Erdeng Du, Minghao Sui, and Suiqing Liu (2011)

Submissions from 2010

Role of Dynamic Vegetation in Regional Climate Predictions over Western Africa, Clement Alo and Guiling Wang (2010)

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 318 Preliminary Report Wilkes Land Glacial History Cenozoic East Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution from Wilkes Land Margin Sediments, Hendrik Brinkhuis, Carlota Escutia Dotti, Adam Klaus, Annick Fehr, Trevor Williams, James A.P. Bendle, Peter K. Bijl, Steven M. Bohaty, Stephanie A. Carr, Robert B. Dunbar, Jhon J. Gonzàlez, Travis G. Hayden, Masao Iwai, Francisco J. Jimenez-Espejo, Kota Katsuki, Gee Soo Kong, Robert M. McKay, Mutsumi Nakai, Matthew P. Olney, Sandra Passchier, Stephen F. Pekar, Jorg Pross, Christina Riesselman, Ursula Röhl, Toyosaburo Sakai, Prakash Kumar Shrivastava, Catherine E. Stickley, Saiko Sugisaki, Lisa Tauxe, and Shouting Tuo (2010)

Canopy Height, Crown Cover, and Aboveground Biomass Maps for the Southwestern United States from MISR, 2000 and 2009, Mark Chopping, Sawahiko Shimada, Michael Bull, and John Martonchik (2010)

Formation of Haloacetamides During Chlorination of Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Aspartic Acid, Wen hai Chu, Nai yun Gao, and Yang Deng (2010)

Precursors of Dichloroacetamide, an Emerging Nitrogenous DBP Formed During Chlorination Or Chloramination, Wen Hai Chu, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, and Stuart W. Krasner (2010)

Impacts of Hurricanes on Surface Water Flow Within a Wetland, Yang Deng, H. M. Solo-Gabriele Helena M., Michael Laas, Lynn Leonard, Daniel L. Childers, Guoqing He, and Victor Engel (2010)

Ten Years of MISR Observations from Terra: Looking Back, Ahead, and in Between, David J. Diner, Thomas P. Ackerman, Amy J. Braverman, Carol J. Bruegge, Mark Chopping, Eugene E. Clothiaux, Roger Davies, Larry Di Girolamo, Ralph A. Kahn, Yuri Knyazikhin, Yang Liu, Roger Marchand, John V. Martonchik, Jan Peter Muller, Anne W. Nolin, Bernard Pinty, Michel M. Verstraete, Dong L. Wu, Michael J. Garay, Olga V. Kalashnikova, Anthony B. Davis, Edgar S. Davis, and Russell A. Chipman (2010)

Short- and Long-Term Sediment Transport in Western Bohai Bay and Coastal Areas, Huan Feng, Weiguo Zhang, Li Jia, Michael P. Weinstein, Qiufeng Zhang, Dekui Yuan, Jianhua Tao, and Lizhong Yu (2010)

Factors Controlling Surface Water Flow in a Low-Gradient Subtropical Wetland, Guoqing He, Victor Engel, Lynn Leonard, Alex Croft, Daniel Childers, Michael Laas, Yang Deng, and Helena M. Solo-Gabriele (2010)

A System Dynamic Modeling Approach for Evaluating Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Landfill Capacity and Related Cost Management Issues, Naushad Kollikkathara, Huan Feng, and Danlin Yu (2010)


The Vinylguaiacol/Indole or VGI ("Veggie") Ratio: A Novel Molecular Parameter to Evaluate the Relative Contributions of Terrestrial and Aquatic Organic Matter to Sediments., Michael A. Kruge, Kevin K. Olsen, Jaroslaw W. Slusarczyk, and Elaine Gomez (2010)


Geochemical Investigation of an Offshore Sewage Sludge Deposit, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Michael A. Kruge, Albert Permanyer, Jordi Serra, and Danlin Yu (2010)

Analytical and Numerical Solution of a Generalized Stefan Problem Exhibiting Two Moving Boundaries With Application to Ocean Delta Formation, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba and V. R. Voller (2010)

Interactions Between Engineered Nanoparticles (ENPs) and Plants: Phytotoxicity, Uptake and Accumulation, Xingmao Ma, Jane Geiser-Lee, Yang Deng, and Andrei Kolmakov (2010)

Organic Geochemistry of Danube River Sediments from Pančevo (Serbia) to the Iron Gate Dam (Serbia-Romania), Vesna Micić, Michael Kruge, Petra Körner, Nicole Bujalski, and Thilo Hofmann (2010)

Analytical and Geophysical Assessments of Heavy Metals Dispersion from an Automobile Mechanic Village and its Pollution Prevention, Michael A. Nwachukwu, Huan Feng, and Jude Alinnor (2010)

Groundwater Flow Model and Particle Track Analysis for Selecting Water Quality Monitoring Well Sites, and Soil Sampling Profiles, Michael A. Nwachukwu, Huan Feng, and Duke Ophori (2010)

Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil and Their Implications Within and Around Mechanic Villages, Michael Nwachukwu, Huan Feng, and Jude Alinnor (2010)

Palaeoenvironments and Weathering Regime of the Neoproterozoic Squantum 'Tillite', Boston Basin: No Evidence of a Snowball Earth, Sandra Passchier and Efe Erukanure (2010)

Subglacial Bed Conditions During Late Pleistocene Glaciations and their Impact on Ice Dynamics in the Southern North Sea, Sandra Passchier, Cees Laban, Chris S. Mesdag, and Kenneth F. Rijsdijk (2010)

Effects of High-Intensity Forest Fires on Soil Clay Mineralogy, Jennifer Reynard-Callanan, Greg Pope, Matthew Gorring, and Huan Feng (2010)

Assessing Public Preferences for Forest Biomass Based Energy in the Southern United States, Andres Susaeta, Janaki Alavalapati, Pankaj Lal, Jagannadha R. Matta, and Evan Mercer (2010)

Canopy Vertical Structure Using Modis Bidirectional Reflectance Data, Zhuosen Wang, Crystal B. Schaaf, Lewis Philip, Yuri Knyazikhin, Mitchell A. Schull, Alan H. Strahler, Ranga B. Myneni, and Mark Chopping (2010)

Perchlorate Removal using Granular Activated Carbon Supported Iron Compounds: Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity, Jianhong Xu, Naiyun Gao, Yulin Tang, Yang Deng, and Minhao Sui (2010)

Sonolytic Degradation of Parathion and the Formation of Byproducts, Juan Juan Yao, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, Yan Ma, Hai Jun Li, Bin Xu, and Lei Li (2010)

Exploring Spatiotemporally Varying Regressed Relationships: The Geographically Weighted Panel Regression Analysis, Danlin Yu (2010)

Tobacco Outlet Density and Demographics: Analysing the Relationships with a Spatial Regression Approach, Danlin Yu, N. A. Peterson, M. A. Sheffer, Robert Reid, and John E. Schnieder (2010)

Submissions from 2009

Groundwater Flow and Capture Zone Analysis of the Central Passaic River Basin, New Jersey, Fatoumata Barry, Duke Ophori, Jeffrey Hoffman, and Robert Canace (2009)

Forest Canopy Height from the Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR) Assessed with High Resolution Discrete Return Lidar, Mark Chopping, Anne Nolin, Gretchen G. Moisen, John V. Martonchik, and Michael Bull (2009)

Classification and Toxicological Evaluation of Newfound Nitrogenous Disinfection Byproducts (N-DPs) in Drinking Water, Wen Hai Chu, Nai Yun Gao, and Yang Deng (2009)

Stability of Newfound Nitrogenous Disinfection by-Products Haloacetamides in Drinking Water, Wen Hai Chu, Naiyun Gao, and Yang Deng (2009)

Formation of Chloroform During Chlorination of Alanine in Drinking Water, Wen Hai Chu, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, and Bing Zhi Dong (2009)

Performance of a Combination Process of UV/H2O2/ Micro-Aeration for Oxidation of Dichloroacetic Acid in Drinking Water, Wen Hai Chu, N. Y. Gao, and Yang Deng (2009)

Fluctuations of Stable Carbon Isotopes Around the Permian-Triassic Boundary in Huaying of Sichuan, South China: Its Characteristics and Biogeochemical Origin, Ying Cui, Jianbo Liu, and Yoichi Ezaki (2009)

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) for Reduction of Organic Pollutants in Landfill Leachate: a Review, Yang Deng (2009)

Kinetics and Oxidative Mechanism for H2O2-Enhanced Iron-Mediated Aeration (IMA) Treatment of Recalcitrant Organic Compounds in Mature Landfill Leachate, Yang Deng and James D. Englehardt (2009)

Cellulosic Ethanol Production in the United States: Conversion Technologies, Current Production Status, Economics, and Emerging Developments, Puneet Dwivedi, Janaki R.R. Alavalapati, and Pankaj Lal (2009)

Testing the Linear Relationship Between Peak Annual River Discharge and Drainage Area Using Long-Term USGS River Gauging Records, Josh Galster (2009)

Ametryn Degradation in the Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation/Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Treatment, Nai yun Gao, Yang Deng, and Dandan Zhao (2009)

TCAA Degradation in Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation/Hydrogen Peroxide (H 2O2)/Micro-Aeration (MCA) Combination Process, N. Y. Gao, Wen Hai Chu, Yang Deng, and Bin Xu (2009)

Response of Isoprene Emission to Ambient CO2 Changes and Implications for Global Budgets, Colette L. Heald, Michael J. Wilkinson, Russell K. Monson, Clement Alo, Guiling Wang, and Alex Guenther (2009)

An Overview of Terra Mission Results Related to the Carbon Cycle, Marc L. Imhoff, Robert Wolfe, David J. Diner, Mark Chopping, Ralph Kahn, Vincent Salomonson, John Gille, James Drummond, David Edwards, Norm Loeb, Bruce Wielicki, Michael Abrams, Bjorn Eng, Si Chee Tsay, and K. Jon Ranson (2009)

Black Carbon and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Surface Sediments of China's Marginal Seas, Yanju Kang, Xuchen Wang, Minhan Dai, Huan Feng, Anchun Li, and Qian Song (2009)

Direct Observations of Three-Dimensional Growth of Hydrates Hosted in Porous Media, Prasad Kerkar, Keith W. Jones, Robert Kleinberg, W. Brent Lindquist, Stan Tomov, Huan Feng, and Devinder Mahajan (2009)

A Purview of Waste Management Evolution: Special Emphasis on USA, Naushad Kollikkathara, Huan Feng, and Eric Stern (2009)

Experimental and Model Comparisons of H2O2 Assisted UV Photodegradation of Microcystin-LR in Simulated Drinking Water, Lei Li, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, Juan Juan Yao, Ke Jia Zhang, Hai Jun Li, Di Di Yin, Hua Se Ou, and Jian Wei Guo (2009)

A Similarity Solution for a Dual Moving Boundary Problem Associated With a Coastal-Plain Depositional System, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, Vaughan R. Voller, Tetsuji Muto, Wonsuck Kim, Chris Paola, and John B. Swenson (2009)

Nitrite Formation During Low Pressure Ultraviolet Lamp Irradiation of Nitrate, Ning Lu, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, and Qing Song Li (2009)

Correlations Between Microbial Indicators, Pathogens, and Environmental Factors in a Subtropical Estuary, Cristina Ortega, Helena M. Solo-Gabriele, Amir Abdelzaher, Mary Wright, Yang Deng, and Lillian M. Stark (2009)

Novel Photocatalytic Reactor for Degradation of DDT in Water and its Optimization Model, Wei H. Pang, Nai Y. Gao, Yang Deng, and Yulin Tang (2009)


The Nature of Boulder-Rich Deposits in the Upper Big Flat Brook Drainage, Sussex County, New Jersey, Gregory A. Pope, Andrew J. Temples, Sean I. McLearie, Joanne C. Kornoelje, and Thomas J. Glynn (2009)

An Analysis of Media Reports on Gold Mining Issues in Ghana, Aimann Sadik and Robert Taylor (2009)

Evidence for Middle Eocene Arctic Sea Ice from Diatoms and Ice-Rafted Debris, Catherine E. Stickley, Kristen St John, Nalân Koç, Richard W. Jordan, Sandra Passchier, Richard B. Pearce, and Lance E. Kearns (2009)

An Empirical Study on the Utility of BRDF Model Parameters and Topographic Parameters for Mapping Vegetation in a Semi-Arid Region With MISR Imagery, Lihong Su, Yuxia Huang, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, and John V. Martonchik (2009)

An Assessment of the Time-Dependence Structure of Streams in New Jersey, USA, Seth Xeflide and Duke Ophori (2009)

Spatial Interpolation Via GWR, a Plausible Alternative?, Danlin Yu (2009)

Exploring the Impact of Non-Normality on Spatial Non-Stationarity in Geographically Weighted Regression Analyses: Tobacco Outlet Density in New Jersey, Danlin Yu, N. Andrew Peterson, and Robert Reid (2009)

Heavy Metal Contaminant Remediation Study of Western Xiamen Bay Sediment, China: Laboratory Bench Scale Testing Results, Luoping Zhang, Huan Feng, Xiaoxia Li, Xin Ye, Youhai Jing, Tong Ouyang, Xingtian Yu, Rongyuan Liang, and Weiqi Chen (2009)

Heavy Metal Contamination in Surface Sediments of Yangtze River Intertidal Zone: An Assessment from Different Indexes, Weiguo Zhang, Huan Feng, Jinna Chang, Jianguo Qu, Hongxia Xie, and Lizhong Yu (2009)

Submissions from 2008

Identifying Systematic Land-Cover Transitions using Remote Sensing and GIS: The Fate of Forests Inside and Outside Protected Areas of Southwestern Ghana, Clement Alo and Robert Gilmore Pontius (2008)

Hydrological Impact of the Potential Future Vegetation Response to Climate Changes Projected by 8 GCMs, Clement Alo and Guiling Wang (2008)

Potential Future Changes of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Based on Climate Projections by Eight General Circulation Models, Clement Alo and Guiling Wang (2008)

Terrestrial Applications of Multiangle Remote Sensing, Mark Chopping (2008)

Large Area Mapping of Southwestern Forest Crown Cover, Canopy Height, and Biomass using the NASA Multiangle Imaging Spectro-Radiometer, Mark Chopping, Gretchen G. Moisen, Lihong Su, Andrea Laliberte, Albert Rango, John V. Martonchik, and Debra P.C. Peters (2008)

Remote Sensing of Woody Shrub Cover in Desert Grasslands using MISR with a Geometric-Optical Canopy Reflectance Model, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Albert Rango, John V. Martonchik, Debra P.C. Peters, and Andrea Laliberte (2008)

Hydrogen Peroxide-Enhanced Iron-Mediated Aeration for the Treatment of Mature Landfill Leachate, Yang Deng and James D. Englehardt (2008)

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the AND-2A Core, ANDRILL Southern Mcmurdo Sound Project, Antarctica, Christopher R. Fielding, C. B. Atkins, K. N. Bassett, G. H. Browne, G. B. Dunbar, B. D. Field, Tracy Dagmar Frank, L. A. Krissek, Kurt S. Panter, Sandra Passchier, Stephen F. Pekar, Sonia Sandroni, and F. Talarico (2008)

Measuring the Impact of Urbanization on Channel Widths using Historic Aerial Photographs and Modern Surveys, Josh Galster, Frank J. Pazzaglia, and Dru Germanoski (2008)

Field Trip Guide: Ridge-Trench Collision - the Southern Patagonian Cordillera East of the Chile Triple Junction, Matthew Gorring (2008)

Bromate Ion Formation in Dark Chlorination and Ultraviolet/Chlorination Processes for Bromide-Containing Water, Xin HUANG, Naiyun Gao, and Yang Deng (2008)


Organic Chemostratigraphic Markers Characteristic of the (Informally Designated) Anthropocene Epoch, Michael A. Kruge (2008)

Modeling Urban Growth using GIS and Remote Sensing, Jun Luo, Danlin Yu, and Miao Xin (2008)

Oligocene-Miocene Antarctic Continental Weathering Record and Paleoclimatic Implications, Cape Roberts Drilling Project, Ross Sea, Antarctica, Sandra Passchier and L. A. Krissek (2008)

Recent Advances in Understanding Antarctic Climate Evolution, Martin J. Siegert, Peter Barrett, Robert Deconto, Robert Dunbar, Colm Ó Cofaigh, Sandra Passchier, and Tim Naish (2008)

Groundwater Quality Evaluation for Productive Uses - the Afram Plains Area, Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2008)

Hydrochemical Evaluation of the Voltaian System-the Afram Plains Area, Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2008)

Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Characterization of the Voltaian Basin: The Afram Plains Area, Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2008)

A Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Surface Water Chemistry Data-the Ankobra Basin, Ghana, Sandow M. Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2008)

Groundwater Availability in the Shallow Aquifers of the Southern Voltaian System: a Simulation and Chemical Analysis, Sandow Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2008)

Spatial Data Analysis of Regional Development in Greater Beijing, China, in a GIS Environment, Danlin Yu and Yehua Dennis Wei (2008)

Lead (Pb) Isotopes as a Tracer of Pb Origin in Yangtze River Intertidal Zone, Weiguo Zhang, Huan Feng, Jinna Chang, Jianguo Qu, and Lizhong Yu (2008)

Distinguishing Sediments from the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, China: a Mineral Magnetic Approach, Weiguo Zhang, Yu Xing, Lizhon Yu, Huan Feng, and Min Lu (2008)

Submissions from 2007

Advances in Mapping Woody Plant Canopies Using the NASA MISR Instrument on Terra, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Naushad Kollikkathara, and Libertad Urena (2007)

Physical and Oxidative Removal of Organics During Fenton Treatment of Mature Municipal Landfill Leachate, Yang Deng (2007)

Electrochemical Oxidation for Landfill Leachate Treatment, Yang Deng and James D. Englehardt (2007)

Oxidation of Aqueous EDTA and Associated Organics and Coprecipitation of Inorganics by Ambient Iron-Mediated Aeration, James D. Englehardt, Daniel E. Meeroff, Luis Echegoyen, Yang Deng, Francisco M. Raymo, and Shibata Tomoyuki (2007)

Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Scaling of Discharge with Drainage Area for Multiple Watersheds, Josh Galster (2007)

Characterization of Methane Hydrate Host Sediments Using Synchrotron-Computed Microtomography (CMT), Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, Stanmire Tomov, William J. Winters, Maša Prodanović, and Devinder Mahajan (2007)

Microstructure of Natural Hydrate Host Sediments, Keith W. Jones, P. B. Kerkar, D. Mahajan, W. Brent Lindquist, and Huan Feng (2007)

The Somuncura Large Igneous Province in Patagonia: Interaction of a Transient Mantle Thermal Anomaly With a Subducting Slab, S. Mahlburg Kay, A. A. Ardolino, Matthew Gorring, and V. A. Ramos (2007)


Organic Geochemical Investigation of a Highly Contaminated Urban Waterway: The Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, New York, USA, Michael A. Kruge, Kevin K. Olsen, and Eric A. Stern (2007)

Management of Groundwater Resources in Punjab, Pakistan, using a Groundwater Flow Model, Ghulam Mujtaba, Zulfiqar Ahmed, and Duke Ophori (2007)

A Simulation of Large-Scale Groundwater Flow in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, Duke Ophori (2007)

Expansion of Urban Area in the Yellow River Zone, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, from DMSP OLS Nighttime Lights Data, Xiaoming Qi and Mark Chopping (2007)

Support Vector Machines for Recognition of Semi-Arid Vegetation Types using MISR Multi-Angle Imagery, Lihong Su, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, John V. Martonchik, and Debra P.C. Peters (2007)

Differentiation of Semi-Arid Vegetation Types Based on Multi-Angular Observations from MISR and MODIS, Lihong Su, Mark Chopping, A. Rango, John V. Martonchik, and Debra P.C. Peters (2007)

Assessment of Metal Contamination in Surface Sediments of Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, China, Xu Chen Wang, Huan Feng, and Hai Qing Ma (2007)

Irrigation Water Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture - the Ankobra Basin, Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bruce Banoeng-Yakubo (2007)