Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2016

Increased Formation of Halomethanes During Chlorination of Chloramphenicol in Drinking Water by UV Irradiation, Persulfate Oxidation, and Combined UV/Persulfate Pre-Treatments, Wen Hai Chu, Chu Tengfei, Du Erdeng, Yang Deng, Guo Yingqing, and Gao Naiyun (2016)

Quantifying Uncertainty of Past Pco2 Determined from Changes in C3 Plant Carbon Isotope Fractionation, Ying Cui and Brian A. Schubert (2016)

Water Treatment Residuals and Scrap Tire Rubber As Green Sorbents for Removal of Stormwater Metals, Yang Deng, Ciapha Morris, Sudipta Rakshit, Edward Landa, Pravin Punamiya, and Dibyendu Sarkar (2016)

Capability of the CANAPI Algorithm to Derive Shrub Structural Parameters from Satellite Imagery in the Alaskan Arctic, Rocio R. Duchesne, Mark Chopping, and Ken D. Tape (2016)

Recent Human Impacts on the Morphological Evolution of the Yangtze River Delta Foreland: a Review and New Perspectives, Jing Long Du, Shi Lun Yang, and Huan Feng (2016)

Net-Zero Water Management: Achieving Energy-Positive Municipal Water Supply, James D. Englehardt, Tingting Wu, Frederick Bloetscher, Yang Deng, Piet Du Pisani, Sebastian Eilert, Samir Elmir, Tianjiao Guo, Joseph Jacangelo, Mark LeChevallier, Harold Leverenz, Erika Mancha, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Bahman Sheikh, Eva Steinle-Darling, and George Tchobanoglous (2016)

Synchrotron Micro-Scale Measurement of Metal Distributions in Phragmites Australis and Typha Latifolia Root Tissue from an Urban Brownfield Site, Huan Feng, Yu Qian, Frank J. Gallagher, Weiguo Zhang, Lizhong Yu, Chang Jun Liu, Keith W. Jones, and Ryan Tappero (2016)

Synchrotron X-Ray Microfluorescence Measurement of Metal Distributions in Phragmites Australis Root System in the Yangtze River Intertidal Zone, Huan Feng, Weiguo Zhang, Yu Qian, Wenliang Liu, Lizhong Yu, Shinjae Yoo, Jun Wang, Jia Jun Wang, Christopher Eng, Chang Jun Liu, and Ryan Tappero (2016)

Sustainable Urban Redevelopment: Assessing the Impact of Third-Party Rating Systems, Amy V. Ferdinand and Danlin Yu (2016)

Quantifying Global Impacts to Society from the Consumption of Natural Resources During Environmental Remediation Activities, Melissa A. Harclerode, Pankaj Lal, and Michael E. Miller (2016)

Evaluation of the Role of Risk Perception in Stakeholder Engagement to Prevent Lead Exposure in an Urban Setting, Melissa A. Harclerode, Pankaj Lal, Neeraj Vedwan, Bernabas Wolde, and Michael E. Miller (2016)

Formation of Bromate During Ferrate(VI) Oxidation of Bromide in Water, Xin Huang, Yang Deng, Shuang Liu, Yali Song, Nanzhu Li, and Jizhi Zhou (2016)


A Complex Legacy of Contamination in Urban Estuarine Systems, Michael A. Kruge (2016)

Forestland Owners' Willingness to Plant Pine on Non-Forested Land for Woody Bioenergy in Virginia, Pankaj Lal, Bernabas Wolde, Janaki Alavalapati, Pralhad Burli, and John Munsell (2016)

Contrasting Response of the Calcareous Nannoplankton Communities After the Eocene Hyperthermal Events in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean, Yuanda Lei, Shijun Jiang, Sherwood W. Wise, Ying Cui, and Yang Wang (2016)

Ferrate(VI) Reaction with Effluent Organic Matter (EFOM) in Secondary Effluent for Water Reuse, Nanzhu Li, Yang Deng, and Dibyendu Sarkar (2016)

M-PGMA as a New Water Treatment Agent to Remove Oxytetracycline from Water, Cheng Liu, Bin Wang, Yang Deng, Jie Wang, Wei Chen, and Yu Liu (2016)

Random Walk Method for Modeling Water Exchange: An Application to Coastal Zone Environmental Management, Xiangcui Lv, Bo Liu, Dekui Yuan, Huan Feng, and Fang Yenn Teo (2016)


Is Urban Greening for Everyone? Social Inclusion and Exclusion along the Gowanus Canal., Jessica Miller (2016)


Morphodynamic Modeling of Fluvial Channel Fill and Avulsion Time Scales During early Holocene Transgression, as Substantiated by the Incised Valley Stratigraphy of the Trinity River, Texas, Kaitlin Moran, Jeffrey Nittrouer, Mauricio Perillo, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, and John Anderson (2016)

Vegetation Response to Intensive Commercial Horticulture and Environmental Changes within Watersheds in Central Highlands, Kenya, Using AVHRR NDVI Data, Faith K. Muriithi, Danlin Yu, and Stefan Robila (2016)

Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Red River Surface Sediments, Vietnam, Thi Thu Hien Nguyen, Weiguo Zhang, Zhen Li, Jie Li, Can Ge, Jinyan Liu, Xuexin Bai, Huan Feng, and Lizhong Yu (2016)

Magnetic Properties of Sediments of the Red River: Effect of Sorting on the Source-to-Sink Pathway and its Implications for Environmental Reconstruction, Thi Thu Hien Nguyen, Weiguo Zhang, Zhen Li, Jie Li, Can Ge, Jinyan Liu, Xuexin Bai, Huan Feng, and Lizhong Yu (2016)


Holocene glacial activity in Barilari Bay, west Antarctic Peninsula, tracked by magnetic mineral assemblages: Linking ice, ocean, and atmosphere, Brendan Reilly, Carl Natter, and Stefanie A. Brachfeld (2016)

An Integrated Approach to Environmental Management, Dibyendu Sarkar, Rupali Datta, Avinandan Mukherjee, and Robyn Hannigan (2016)

Water Treatment Residual (WTR)-Coated Wood Mulch for Alleviation of Toxic Metals and Phosphorus from Polluted Urban Stormwater Runoff, Hanieh Soleimanifar, Yang Deng, Laying Wu, and Dibyendu Sarkar (2016)

Mitigation and Degradation of Natural Organic Matters (NOMs) During Ferrate(VI) Application for Drinking Water Treatment, Yali Song, Yang Deng, and Chanil Jung (2016)

Factors Affecting Forestland Owners' Allocation of Non-Forested Land to Pine Plantation for Bioenergy in Virginia, Bernabas Wolde, Pankaj Lal, Janaki Alavalapati, Pralhad Burli, and John Munsell (2016)

Soil and Water Conservation using the Socioeconomics, Sustainability Concerns, and Policy Preference for Residual Biomass Harvest, Bernabas Wolde, Pankaj Lal, J. Alavalapati, Pralhad Burli, and Pricila Iranah (2016)

Determinants of Enrollment in Public Incentive Programs for Forest Management and Their Effect on Future Programs for Woody Bioenergy: Evidence from Virginia and Texas, Bernabas Wolde, Pankaj Lal, Jianbang Gan, Janaki Alavalapati, Eric Taylor, and Pralhad Burli (2016)

Belowground Rhizomes in Paleosols: The Hidden Half of an Early Devonian Vascular Plant, Jinzhuang Xue, Zhenzhen Deng, Pu Huang, Kangjun Huang, Michael J. Benton, Ying Cui, Deming Wang, Jianbo Liu, Bing Shen, James F. Basinger, and Shougang Hao (2016)

Settle: Ability and Characteristics of Ferrate(VI)-Induced Particles in Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Lei Zheng and Yang Deng (2016)

Submissions from 2015

IODP Expedition 347Baltic Sea Basin Paleoenvironment and Biosphere, Thomas Andrén, Bo Barker Jørgensen, Carol Cotterill, Sophie Green, Elinor Andrén, Jeanine L. Ash, Thorsten Bauersachs, Barry Cragg, Anne-Sophie Fanget, Annick Fehr, Wojciech Granoszewski, Jer­oen Groeneveld, Dalton S. Hardisty, Emilio Herrero-Bervera, Outi Hyttinen, Jørn Bo Jensen, Sean Johnson, Michael Kenzler, Aarno Kotilainen, Ulrich Kotthoff, Ian PG Marshall, E. Martin, S. Obrochta, Sandra Passchier, Nadine B. Quintana Krupinski, Natascha Riedinger, Caroline Slomp, Ian Snowball, Anna Stepanova, and Sarah Strano (2015)

Terrestrial Paleoenvironment Characterization Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary in South China, Antoine Bercovici, Ying Cui, Marie Béatrice Forel, Jianxin Yu, and Vivi Vajda (2015)

Peptide Bonds Affect the formation of Haloacetamides, an emerging Class of N-DBPS in Drinking Water: Free Amino Acids versus Oligopeptides, Wen Hai Chu, Xin Li, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Daqiang Yin, Dongmei Li, and Tengfei Chu (2015)


Characterization of Coal Ash Released in the TVA Kingston Spill to Facilitate Detection of Ash in River Systems Using Magnetic Methods, Ellen Cowan, Daniel Gaspari, Stefanie A. Brachfeld, and Keith Seramur (2015)

Global Warming and the End-Permian Extinction Event: Proxy and Modeling Perspectives, Ying Cui and Lee R. Kump (2015)

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) in Wastewater Treatment, Yang Deng and Renzun Zhao (2015)

Microcystin-RR Degradation by Ozonation, Yin Didi, Naiyun Gao, Zhang Kejia, Li Lei, and Yang Deng (2015)

Synchrotron Micro-Scale Study of Trace Metal Transport and Distribution in Spartina Alterniflora Root System in Yangtze River Intertidal Zone, Huan Feng, Weiguo Zhang, Wenliang Liu, Lizhong Yu, Yu Qian, Jun Wang, Jia Jun Wang, Christopher Eng, Chang Jun Liu, Keith W. Jones, and Ryan Tappero (2015)

Quantitative Analysis of Trace Levels of Β-Ionone in Water by Liquid-Liquid-Phase Extraction-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LLE-GC-MS), Meng hong Gao, Nai yun Gao, Hui hui Xie, Na An, Yang Deng, and Wen lei Rong (2015)

Degradation of Florfenicol in Water by UV/Na2S2O8 Process, Yu qiong Gao, Nai yun Gao, Yang Deng, Daqiang Yin, and Yan sen Zhang (2015)

Heat-Activated Persulfate Oxidation of Sulfamethoxazole in Water, Yu Qiong Gao, Nai Yun Gao, Yang Deng, Daqiang Yin, Yan Sen Zhang, Wen Lei Rong, and Sheng Dong Zhou (2015)


Magnetic Mineral Diagenesis in the River‐Dominated Inner Shelf of the East China Sea, China, Can Ge, Weiguo Zhang, Chenyin Dong, Yan Dong, Jinyan Liu, Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Huan Feng, and Lizhong Yu (2015)


Threshold Behavior of a Marine‐based Sector of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in Response to Early Pliocene Ocean Warming, Melissa A. Hansen, Sandra Passchier, Boo‐Keun Khim, Buhan Song, and Trevor Williams (2015)

Early Miocene Antarctic Glacial History: New Insights from Heavy Mineral Analysis from ANDRILL AND-2A Drill Core Sediments, Francesco Iacoviello, Giovanna Giorgetti, Isabella Turbanti Memmi, and Sandra Passchier (2015)


Analytical Pyrolysis Principles and Applications to Environmental Science, Michael A. Kruge (2015)


Geology in Environmental Management, Michael A. Kruge (2015)


Pyrolysis-GC-MS for the Rapid Environmental Forensic Screening of Contaminated Brownfield Soil, Azucena Lara-Gonzalo, Michael A. Kruge, I Lores, B Gutiérrez, and José Luis Gallego (2015)

Performance of a New Magnetic Chitosan Nanoparticle to Remove Arsenic and its Separation from Water, Cheng Liu, Bin Wang, Yang Deng, Biao Cui, Jie Wang, Wei Chen, and Si Yuan He (2015)

Study on the Accumulated Temperature Distribution Model of Snowmelt Flood Magnitude from the Perspective of Ecological Environmental Protection of Mountain Areas, Yang Liu, Xian Yong Meng, Zhi Hui Liu, and Danlin Yu (2015)

Degradation of pCNB by Fenton like process using α-FeOOH, Xueyan Li, Yong Huang, Cong Li, Jimin Shen, and Yang Deng (2015)

Status and Trends of Sediment Metal Pollution in Bohai Sea, China, Yunfang Li, Lei Guo, and Huan Feng (2015)

Multi-Scale Analysis of Regional Inequality Based on Spatial Field Model: a Case Study of China from 2000 to 2012, Shasha Lu, Xingliang Guan, Danlin Yu, Yu Deng, and Linjie Zhou (2015)

Energy Balance-Based SWAT Model to Simulate the Mountain Snowmelt and Runoff — Taking the Application in Juntanghu Watershed (China) as an Example, Xian Yong Meng, Danlin Yu, and Zhi Hui Liu (2015)

Bacterial Wax Esters in Recent Fluvial Sediments, Vesna Micić, Jürgen Köster, Michael Kruge, Bert Engelen, and Thilo Hofmann (2015)

Regolith and Weathering (Rock Decay) in the Critical Zone, Greg Pope (2015)


Deterioration of stone and mineral materials from the Roman Imperial “Cilla of the Antonines” at ancient lanuvium, Gregory A. Pope, Deborah Chatr Aryamontri, Laying Wu, and Timothy Renner (2015)

Synchrotron Study of Metal Localization in Typha Latifolia L. Root Sections, Yu Qian, Huan Feng, Frank J. Gallagher, Qingzhi Zhu, Meiyin S Wu, Chang Jun Liu, Keith W. Jones, and Ryan V. Tappero (2015)

Metal Pollution in Coastal Sediments, Yu Qian, Weiguo Zhang, Lizhong Yu, and Huan Feng (2015)


Anthropogenic controls on overwash deposition: Evidence and consequences, Laura Rogers, Laura Moore, Evan Goldstein, Christopher Hein, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, and Andrew Ashton (2015)

Comparative Evaluation of Aluminum Sulfate and Ferric Sulfate-Induced Coagulations as Pretreatment of Microfiltration for Treatment of Surface Water, Yali Song, Bingzhi Dong, Naiyun Gao, and Yang Deng (2015)

Kinetic Oxidation of Antipyrine in Heat-Activated Persulfate, Chaoqun Tan, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Lei Li, Jing Deng, and Shiqing Zhou (2015)

Dielectric Properties of Saline Soil Based on a Modified Dobson Dielectric Model, Nigara Tashpolat, Jianli Ding, and Danlin Yu (2015)

Study on the Soil Moisture Movement Under Infiltration Irrigation, Feng Yao-Zu, Wang Zhi-Guo, Zhou Jian-Bin, and Danlin Yu (2015)

Numerical Analysis of Groundwater Flow and Potential in Parts of a Crystalline Aquifer System in Northern Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Clement Alo, M. O. Addai, O. F. Fynn, and S. K. Essel (2015)

Effect of the Mixing Ratio During Co-Treatment of Landfill Leachate and Sewage with a Combined Stripping and Reversed A2/O Process, Xiao Lan Zeng, Wen Chuan Ding, Zhi Zhang, Peng Wan, Yang Deng, and Shuangshuang Wang (2015)

Occurrence of Algae and Algae-Related Taste and Odour (T&O) Compounds in the Qingcaosha Reservoir, China, Kejia Zhang, Tuqiao Zhang, Yang Deng, Naiyun Gao, and Yulong Yang (2015)

Desorption of Bisphenol-a (BPA) and Regeneration of BPA-Spent Granular Activated Carbon using Ultrasonic Irradiation and Organic Solvent Extraction, Chao Zhou, Naiyun Gao, Ruoyu Li, and Yang Deng (2015)

Submissions from 2014


Contribution of multidomain titanomagnetite to the intensity and stability of Mars crustal magnetic anomalies, Stefanie A. Brachfeld, David Cuomo, Lisa Tatsumi-Petrochilos, Julie A. Bowles, Deepa Shah, and Julia Hammer (2014)

Estimating the Spatially Varying Responses of Corn Yields to Weather Variations using Geographically Weighted Panel Regression, Ruohong Cai, Danlin Yu, and Michael Oppenheimer (2014)

Assessing Remotely-Sensed Aboveground Biomass Estimates in the Sierra National Forest, Mark Chopping, Rocio Duchesne, and Malcolm North (2014)

Monitoring and Evaluating Spatial Variability of Soil Salinity in Dry and Wet Seasons in the Werigan-Kuqa Oasis, China, using Remote Sensing and Electromagnetic Induction Instruments, Jianli Ding and Danlin Yu (2014)

A Magnetic Record of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Yangtze River Subaqueous Delta, Chenyin Dong, Weiguo Zhang, Honglei Ma, Huan Feng, Honghua Lu, Yan Dong, and Lizhong Yu (2014)

Spatial Distribution of Greenhouse Commercial Horticulture in Kenya and the Role of Demographic, Infrastructure and Topo-Edaphic Factors, Faith Justus and Danlin Yu (2014)

Arsenic Removal in Synthetic Ground Water Using Iron Electrolysis, Lei Li, Jun Li, Chen Shao, Kejia Zhang, Shuili Yu, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, and Daqiang Yin (2014)


Rollover, drowning, and discontinuous retreat: Distinct modes of barrier response to sea-level rise arising from a simple morphodynamic model, Jorge Lorenzo Trueba and Andrew Dale Ashton (2014)

Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge Estimates in a Partially Metamorphosed Sedimentary Basin in a Tropical Environment: Application of Natural Tracers, Felix Oteng Mensah, Clement Alo, and Sandow Mark Yidana (2014)

Integrated Principal Component Analysis of Microcystis Aeruginosa Dissolved Organic Matter and Assessment of UV-C Pre-Treatment on Cyanobacteria-Containing Water, Hua Se Ou, Chao Hai Wei, Yang Deng, and Nai Yun Gao (2014)

Principal Component Analysis to Assess the Efficiency and Mechanism for Ultraviolet-C/Polyaluminum Chloride Enhanced Coagulation of Algae-Laden Water, Hua Se Ou, Chao Hai Wei, Yang Deng, and Nai Yun Gao (2014)

Principal Component Analysis to Assess the Efficiency and Mechanism for Enhanced Coagulation of Natural Algae-Laden Water using a Novel Dual Coagulant System, Hua Se Ou, Chao Hai Wei, Yang Deng, Nai Yun Gao, Yuan Ren, and Yun Hu (2014)

Orbital Forcing of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet During the Pliocene and Early Pleistocene, M. O. Patterson, R. McKay, T. Naish, C. Escutia, F. J. Jimenez-Espejo, M. E. Raymo, S. R. Meyers, L. Tauxe, Henk Brinkhuis, A. Klaus, Annick Fehr, J. A.P. Bendle, P. K. Bijl, S. M. Bohaty, S. A. Carr, Robert B. Dunbar, J. A. Flores, J. J. Gonzalez, T. G. Hayden, M. Iwai, K. Katsuki, G. S. Kong, M. Nakai, M. P. Olney, Sandra Passchier, Stephen F. Pekar, J. Pross, C. R. Riesselman, U. Röhl, and T. Sakai (2014)

Vanadium Uptake and Translocation in Dominant Plant Species On An Urban Coastal Brownfield Site, Yu Qian, Frank J. Gallagher, Huan Feng, Meiyin S Wu, and Qingzhi Zhu (2014)

Estimation of Crop Water Stress Index in Almond Orchards using Thermal Aerial Imagery, Sagarika Roy and Duke Ophori (2014)

Economics of Carbon Sequestration Under Fluctuating Economic Environment, Forest Management and Technological Changes: An Application to Forest Stands in the Southern United States, Andres Susaeta, Sun Joseph Chang, Douglas R. Carter, and Pankaj Lal (2014)

Radical Induced Degradation of Acetaminophen with Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles as Heterogeneous Activator of Peroxymonosulfate, Chaoqun Tan, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Jing Deng, Shiqing Zhou, Jun Li, and Xiaoyan Xin (2014)

Taking Sides : Clashing Views in Sustainability, Robert W. Taylor (2014)

Kinetics Study of Imidacloprid Degradation by Ozonation, Xicheng Wang, Naiyun Gao, Dongmei Feng, Yang Deng, and Chao Zhou (2014)

Evaluation of MODIS Albedo Product (MCD43A) Over Grassland, Agriculture and Forest Surface Types During Dormant and Snow-Covered Periods, Zhuosen Wang, Crystal B. Schaaf, Alan H. Strahler, Mark Chopping, Miguel O. Román, Yanmin Shuai, Curtis E. Woodcock, David Y. Hollinger, and David R. Fitzjarrald (2014)

Effect of Alternate Partial Root-Zone Irrigation and Infiltrating Irrigation on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Yield of Jujube Trees, Feng Yao-Zu, Zhou Jian-Bin, Wang Zhi-Guo, W. Zhang, and Danlin Yu (2014)

Hydrogeological Characterization of a Tropical Crystalline Aquifer System, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Clement Alo (2014)

Understanding Regional Development Mechanisms in Greater Beijing Area, China, 1995-2001, from a Spatial-Temporal Perspective, Danlin Yu (2014)

Assessing Urban Public Safety Via Indicator-Based Evaluating Method: a Systemic View of Shanghai, Danlin Yu, Chuanglin Fang, Dan Xue, and Jingyuan Yin (2014)

Community Pharmacies and Addictive Products: Sociodemographic Predictors of Accessibility from a Mixed GWR Perspective, Danlin Yu, Cory M. Morton, and N. Andrew Peterson (2014)

Characterization of Algal Organic Matters of Microcystis Aeruginosa: Biodegradability, DBP Formation and Membrane Fouling Potential, Shiqing Zhou, Yisheng Shao, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Lei Li, Jing Deng, and Chaoqun Tan (2014)

Electroless Deposition of Silver Nanoparticles on Graphene Oxide Surface and its Applications for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide, Jun Zhu, Keunsoo Kim, Zhenxian Liu, Huan Feng, and Shifeng Hou (2014)

Submissions from 2013


Eocene Cooling Linked to Early Flow across the Tasmanian Gateway, Peter K. Bijl, James Bendle, Steven M. Bohaty, Jörg Pross, Stefan Schouten, Lisa Tauxe, Catherine E. Stickley, Robert McKay, Ursula Röhl, M. P. Olney, Appy Sluijs, Carlota Escutia, and Henk Brinkhuis (2013)

Dynamic Behaviour of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet During Pliocene Warmth, Carys P. Cook, Tina Van De Flierdt, Trevor Williams, Sidney R. Hemming, Masao Iwai, Munemasa Kobayashi, Francisco J. Jimenez-Espejo, Carlota Escutia, Jhon Jairo González, Boo Keun Khim, Robert M. McKay, Sandra Passchier, Steven M. Bohaty, Christina R. Riesselman, Lisa Tauxe, Saiko Sugisaki, Alberto Lopez Galindo, Molly O. Patterson, Francesca Sangiorgi, Elizabeth L. Pierce, Henk Brinkhuis, Adam Klaus, Annick Fehr, James A.P. Bendle, Peter K. Bijl, Stephanie A. Carr, Robert B. Dunbar, José Abel Flores, Travis G. Hayden, and Kota Katsuki (2013)

Initial Assessment on the Carbon Emission Rate and Climatic Consequences During the End-Permian Mass Extinction, Ying Cui, Lee R. Kump, and Andy Ridgwell (2013)

Thermally Activated Persulfate (TAP) Oxidation of Antiepileptic Drug Carbamazepine in Water, Jing Deng, Yisheng Shao, Naiyun Gao, Yang Deng, Shiqing Zhou, and Xuhao Hu (2013)