Publications and creative works by faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, College of Science and Mathematics, are collected here.


Submissions from 2007

Hydrochemical Analysis of Groundwater from the Keta Basin, Ghana, Sandow Mark Yidana, Duke Ophori, and Bright Obeng (2007)

Modeling Owner-Occupied Single-Family House Values in the City of Milwaukee: a Geographically Weighted Regression Approach, Danlin Yu (2007)

Modeling Spatial Dimensions of Housing Prices in Milwaukee, WI, Danlin Yu, Yehua Dennis Wei, and Changshan Wu (2007)

Heavy Metal Contamination in Western Xiamen Bay Sediments and its Vicinity, China, Luoping Zhang, Xin Ye, Huan Feng, Youhai Jing, Tong Ouyang, Xingtian Yu, Rongyuan Liang, Chengtie Gao, and Weiqi Chen (2007)

Magnetic Approach to Normalizing Heavy Metal Concentrations for Particle Size Effects in Intertidal Sediments in the Yangtze Estuary, China, Weiguo Zhang, Lizhong Yu, Min Lu, Simon M. Hutchinson, and Huan Feng (2007)

Submissions from 2006

The Distribution of Macrozoobenthos in the Southern North Sea in Relation to Meso-Scale Bedforms, Martin J. Baptist, Jan van Dalfsen, Anke Weber, Sandra Passchier, and Sytze van Heteren (2006)

Progress in Retrieving Canopy Structure Parameters from NASA Multi-Angle Remote Sensing, Mark Chopping (2006)

Mapping Woody Plant Cover in Desert Grasslands using Canopy Reflectance Modeling and MISR Data, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Andrea Laliberte, Albert Rango, Debra P.C. Peters, and John V. Martonchik (2006)

Natural Radionuclides as Tracers of Coastal Biogeochemical Processes, J. Kirk Cochran, Huan Feng, D. Amiel, and A. Beck (2006)

Removal of Aqueous Organic Pollutants with Hydrogen Peroxide-Enhanced Iron Mediated Aeration, Yang Deng and James D. Englehardt (2006)

Treatment of Landfill Leachate by the Fenton Process, Yang Deng and James D. Englehardt (2006)

Effects of Urbanization on Watershed Hydrology: The Scaling of Discharge with Drainage Area, Josh Galster, Frank J. Pazzaglia, Bruce R. Hargreaves, Donald P. Morris, Stephen C. Peters, and Richard N. Weisman (2006)

Rodinian Collisional and Escape Tectonics in the Hudson Highlands, New York, Alexander E. Gates, David W. Valentino, Matthew Gorring, Eric R. Thern, and Jeffrey Chiarenzelli (2006)


Properties of New York/New Jersey Harbor Sediments, K. W. Jones, Huan Feng, E. A. Stren, U. Neuhäusler, J. Osán, N. Marinkovic, and Z. Song (2006)


Significance of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Petroleum Biomarker Compounds in Contaminated Passaic River Sediments, Michael A. Kruge (2006)


Marine sediment record from the East Antarctic margin reveals dynamics of ice sheet recession, Amy Leventer, Eugene Domack, Jennifer Pike, Catherine Stickley, Eleanor Maddison, Stefanie A. Brachfeld, Patricia Manley, and Charlie McClennen (2006)

High Variability of the Metal Content of Tree Growth Rings as Measured by Synchrotron Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Ronald R. Martin, Steven J. Naftel, Sheila M. Macfie, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, and Chantelle Trembley (2006)

Anomalous Geochemical Provenance and Weathering History of Plio-Pleistocene Glaciomarine Fjord Strata, Bardin Bluffs Formation, East Antarctica, Sandra Passchier and Jason M. Whitehead (2006)

State Policy and the Globalization of Beijing: Emerging Themes, Yehua Dennis Wei and Danlin Yu (2006)

Spatially Varying Development Mechanisms in the Greater Beijing Area: a Geographically Weighted Regression Investigation, Danlin Yu (2006)

Incorporating Remote Sensing Information in Modeling House Values: a Regression Tree Approach, Danlin Yu and Changshan Wu (2006)

Submissions from 2005

Internal Structure of Type I Deep-Sea Spherules by X-Ray Computed Microtomography, Huan Feng, Keith W. Jones, S. Tomov, B. Stewart, G. F. Herzog, Christoph Schnabel, and Donald E. Brownlee (2005)

Synchrotron X-Ray Microprobe and Computed Microtomography for Characterization of Nanocatalysts, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, A. Lanzirotti, and D. Mahajan (2005)

Mapping Metal Catalysts using Synchrotron Computed Microtomography (CMT) and Micro-X-Ray Fluorescence (Μxrf), Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, A. Lanzirotti, and Manoj D. Mahajan (2005)

Morphology of Methane Hydrate Host Sediments, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, Stanmire Tomov, William J. Winters, Michael Eaton, and Devinder Mahajan (2005)

Carbon Isotope of Bulk Organic Matter: a Proxy for Precipitation in the Arid and Semiarid Central East Asia, Xinqing Lee, Zhaodong Feng, Lanlan Guo, Lixia Wang, Liya Jin, Yongsong Huang, Mark Chopping, Daikuan Huang, Wei Jiang, Qian Jiang, and Hongguang Cheng (2005)

A Preliminary Analysis of Regional Groundwater Movement in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, Duke Ophori (2005)

An Analysis of Groundwater Flow At a Proposed Wetland Mitigation Site, Central New Jersey, Duke Ophori and Robert M. Riberdy (2005)


Observations of Sand Waves, Megaripples, and Hummocks in the Dutch Coastal Area and their Relation to Currents and Combined Flow Conditions, Sandra Passchier and Maarten Kleinhans (2005)

The Edison Magnetite Deposits in the Context of Pre-, Syn-, and Post-Orogenic Metallogenesis in the Grenville Highlands of New Jersey, J. H. Puffer and Matthew Gorring (2005)

Revised Upper Cenozoic Stratigraphy of the Dutch Sector of the North Sea Basin: Towards an Integrated Lithostratigraphic, Seismostratigraphic and Allostratigraphic Approach, Kenneth F. Rijsdijk, Sandra Passchier, H. J.T. Weerts, Cees Laban, R. J.W. van Leeuwen, and J. H.J. Ebbing (2005)

Characterizing the Urban Heat Island in Current and Future Climates in New Jersey, Cynthia Rosenzweig, William D. Solecki, Lily Parshall, Mark Chopping, Greg Pope, and Richard Goldberg (2005)

Mitigation of the Heat Island Effect in Urban New Jersey, William D. Solecki, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Lily Parshall, Greg Pope, Maria Clark, Jennifer Cox, and Mary Wiencke (2005)

Submissions from 2004


Rock-magnetic Analysis of Sediments from Andvord Bay, Stefanie A. Brachfeld (2004)


Magnetic Granulometry of Igneous and Metasedimentary Rocks from Northern Graham Land, Antarctic Peninsula, Stefanie A. Brachfeld, Anne Grunow, and Emily Youcha (2004)

Exploitation of Multi-Angle Data from CHRIS on PROBA: First Results from the Jornada Experimental Range, Mark Chopping, Andrea Laliberte, and Albert Rango (2004)

Multi-Angle Data from CHRIS/Prob: a for Determination of Canopy Structure in Desert Rangelands, Mark Chopping, Andrea Laliberte, and Albert Rango (2004)

Differences in Grass-Shrub Transition Zone Canopy Composition from CHRIS/Proba Multi-Angle Data, Mark Chopping, Cindy Snyder, Andrea Laliberte, Albert Rango, and Connie Maxwell (2004)

Modelling the Reflectance Anisotropy of Chihuahuan Desert Grass-Shrub Transition Canopy-Soil Complexes, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Albert Rango, and C. Maxwell (2004)

Characterization of Petroleum Deposits Formed in a Producing Well by Synchrotron Radiation-Based Microanalyses, E. Chouparova, A. Lanzirotti, Huan Feng, Keith W. Jones, Nebojsa Marinkovic, Curtis Whitson, and R. Paul Philp (2004)

A Preliminary Study of Heavy Metal Contamination in Yangtze River Intertidal Zone Due to Urbanization, Huan Feng, Xiaofei Han, Weiguo Zhang, and Lizhong Yu (2004)

Chronological Discord Between the Last Interglacial Paleosol (S1) and its Parent Material in the Chinese Loess Plateau, Z. D. Feng, H. B. Wang, C. Olson, Greg Pope, F. H. Chen, J. W. Zhang, and C. B. An (2004)

Geochemistry of the Late Mesoproterozoic Mount Eve Granite Suite: Implications for Late to Post-Ottawan Tectonics in the New Jersey-Hudson Highlands, Matthew Gorring, Todd C. Estelle, and Richard A. Volkert (2004)

Microanalysis of NY/NJ Harbor Sediments using Synchrotron X-Ray Beams, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, A. Lanzirotti, Nebojsa Marinkovic, U. Neuhäusler, C. Riekel, L. Vincze, B. Vekemans, I. Szaloki, and Zhiguang Song (2004)

Magmatic Sources, Setting and Causes of Eocene to Recent Patagonian Plateau Magmatism (36°S to 52°S Latitude), Suzanne M. Kay, Matthew Gorring, and Victor A. Ramos (2004)


Application of Pyrolysis-GC/MS for Rapid Assessment of Organic Contamination in Sediments from Barcelona Harbor, Michael A. Kruge and Albert Permanyer (2004)

Prydz Channel Fan and the History of Extreme Ice Advances in Prydz Bay, P. E. O'Brien, A. K. Cooper, Fabio Florindo, D. A. Handwerger, Mark Lavelle, Sandra Passchier, J. J. Pospichal, P. G. Quilty, C. Richter, K. M. Theissen, and Jason M. Whitehead (2004)

A Simulation of Large-Scale Groundwater Flow and Travel Time in a Fractured Rock Environment for Waste Disposal Purposes, Duke Ophori (2004)

Variability in Geochemical Provenance and Weathering History of Sirius Group Strata, Transantarctic Mountains: Implications for Antarctic Glacial History, Sandra Passchier (2004)

A Field Evaluation of Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater, New York Metropolitan Area, Eric Rodriguez, Kevin A. McGuinness, and Duke Ophori (2004)


Magnetic properties of a sediment core from Andvord Drift, Emily Youcha and Stefanie A. Brachfeld (2004)

Understanding Population Segregation from Landsat ETM+ Imagerya Geographically Weighted Regression Approach, Danlin Yu and Changshan Wu (2004)

Submissions from 2003

Canopy Attributes of Desert Grassland and Transition Communities Derived from Multiangular Airborne Imagery, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, Kris M. Havstad, Frank R. Schiebe, Jerry C. Ritchie, Thomas J. Schmugge, Andrew N. French, Lihong Su, Lynn McKee, and M. Rene Davis (2003)

Desert Landscape Scene Simulation with Simple Geometric and Radiosity Models, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Albert Rango, and Connie Maxwell (2003)

Validation of Bidirectional Reflectance Models Using the First Scene Acquired By the CHRIS Sensor over the Jornada Experimental Range, Mark Chopping, Lihong Su, Thomas Schmugge, and Albert Rango (2003)

Plio-Pleistocene Basalts from the Meseta Del Lago Buenos Aires, Argentina: Evidence for Asthenosphere-Lithosphere Interactions During Slab Window Magmatism, Matthew Gorring, Brad Singer, Jason Gowers, and Suzanne M. Kay (2003)

Study of the Microgeometry of Porous Materials using Synchrotron Computed Microtomography, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, W. Brent Lindquist, P. M. Adler, J. F. Thovert, B. Vekemans, L. Vincze, I. Szaloki, Rene Van Grieken, F. Adams, and C. Riekel (2003)

Mapping Metal Catalysts using Synchrotron Computed Microtomography (CMT) and Micro X-Ray Fluorescence (Μxrf), Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, and Manoj D. Mahajan (2003)

Micro-Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence of the Metal Distribution in a Black Spruce Tree Stem: Evidence for Radial Mobility, R. R. Martin, S. J. Naftel, W. Skinner, Keith W. Jones, and Huan Feng (2003)

Characterization of Sulfur in New York/New Jersey Waterway Sediment, U. Neuhäusler, Huan Feng, and Keith W. Jones (2003)

Pliocene-Pleistocene Glaciomarine Sedimentation in Eastern Prydz Bay and Development of the Prydz Trough-Mouth Fan, ODP Sites 1166 and 1167, East Antarctica, Sandra Passchier, P. E. O'Brien, J. E. Damuth, N. Januszczak, D. A. Handwerger, and Jason M. Whitehead (2003)

Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater: a Case Study, Eric Rodriguez, Kevin A. McGuinness, and Duke Ophori (2003)

Intercalibration of Vegetation Indices from Different Sensor Systems, Michael D. Steven, Timothy J. Malthus, Frédéric Baret, Hui Xu, and Mark Chopping (2003)

Implications of Quartz Grain Microtextures for Onset Eocene/Oligocene Glaciation in Prydz Bay, ODP Site 1166, Antarctica, Kari Strand, Sandra Passchier, and Jari Näsi (2003)

Analyzing Regional Inequality in Post-Mao China in a GIS Environment, Danlin Yu and Yehua Dennis Wei (2003)

Submissions from 2002

The Importance of Early Morning Local Overpass Times of BRDF Retrieval, Modeling of Spectral Reflectance and Fapar Estimation, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, and Enrique Gomez-Landesa (2002)

Simulation of Grassland-Shrubland Transition Zone Landscape Images At 650 Nm using a Simple BRDF Model, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, Sarah Goslee, Tom Schmugge, and Jerry C. Ritchie (2002)

Improved Semi-Arid Community Type Differentiation with the NOAA AVHRR Via Exploitation of the Directional Signal, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, and Jerry C. Ritchie (2002)

Transport and Sources of Metal Contaminants over the Course of Tidal Cycle in the Turbidity Maximum Zone of the Hudson River Estuary, Huan Feng, J. Kirk Cochran, and David J. Hirschberg (2002)


Organic Geochemical Analysis of Late-Glacial and Early-Holocene Ecosystem Changes: A Case Study from Northern New England Lakes, Michael A. Kruge and Andrea Lini (2002)

Transit User Perceptions of the Benefits of Automatic Vehicle Location, Zhong Ren Peng, Danlin Yu, and Edward Beimborn (2002)

Synchrotron Radiation-Induced X-Ray Emission to Identify Metal Ions in Preparations of Purified Protein, Thomas Pfister, Huan Feng, Eckard Wimmer, and Keith W. Jones (2002)


Geomorphology’s role in the study of weathering of cultural stone, Gregpry A. Pope, Thomas R. Paradise, and Thomas Meierding (2002)

Remote Sensing Documentation of Historic Rangeland Remediation Treatments in Southern New Mexico, Albert Rango, Sarah Goslee, Jeff Herrick, Mark Chopping, Kris Havstad, Laura Huenneke, Robert Gibbens, Reldon Beck, and Robert McNeely (2002)

ASTER Thermal Infrared Observations Over New Mexico, Thomas Schmugge, Andrew French, Frederic Jacob, Kenta Ogawa, Jerry Ritchie, Mark Chopping, and Albert Rango (2002)

ASTER Observations of the Spectral Emissivity Over New Mexico, Thomas Schmugge, Andrew French, Jerry Ritchie, Mark Chopping, and Albert Rango (2002)

Submissions from 2001


Cerumen Composition by Flash Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Craig N. Burkhart, Michael A. Kruge, Craig G. Burkhart, and Curtis Black (2001)

Testing LiSK BRDF Models over a Semi-Arid Grassland Region with Visible and Near-Infrared ATSR-2 and AVHRR Data, Mark Chopping (2001)

The Impact of the Structure and Composition of Shrub-Coppice Dune Landscapes On MASTER Reflectance Anisotropy, Mark Chopping (2001)

Mantle Processes and Sources of Neogene Slab Window Magmas from Southern Patagonia, Argentina, Matthew Gorring and Suzanne M. Kay (2001)


An Environmental Geochemical Study Of Connecticut Marsh Sediments, Nicole A. Heller, Michael A. Kruge, Johan C. Varekamp, and Tabitha Zierzow (2001)


Bacterial Residues in Coprolite of Herbivorous Dinosaurs: Role of Bacteria in Mineralization of Feces, Thomas C. Hollocher, Karen Chin, Kurt T. Hollocher, and Michael A. Kruge (2001)

Dredged Material Decontamination Demonstration for the Port of New York/New Jersey, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, Eric A. Stern, James Lodge, and Nicholas L. Clesceri (2001)

Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry in Tree Ring Microanalysis: Applications to Dendroanalysis, R. R. Martin, T. K. Sham, G. Wong Won, Keith W. Jones, and Huan Feng (2001)

Synchrotron Radiation Analysis of a Smelter Impacted Tree-Ring Sample, S. J. Naftel, R. R. Martin, Keith W. Jones, Huan Feng, Martine M. Savard, and Christian Bégin (2001)

Orbitally Induced Oscillations in the East Antarctic Ice Sheet at the Oligocene/Miocene Boundary, Tim R. Naish, Ken J. Woolfe, Peter J. Barrett, Gary S. Wilson, Cliff Atkins, Steven M. Bohaty, Christian J. Bücker, Michele Claps, Fred J. Davey, Gavin B. Dunbar, Alistair G. Dunn, Christopher R. Fielding, Fabio Florindo, Michael J. Hannah, David M. Harwood, Stuart A. Henrys, Lawrence A. Krissek, Mark Lavelle, Jaap Van Der Meer, William C. Mcintosh, Frank Niessen, Sandra Passchier, Ross D. Powell, Andrew P. Roberts, Leonardo Sagnotti, Reed P. Scherer, C. Percy Strong, Franco Talarico, Kenneth L. Verosub, and Giuliana Villa (2001)

Provenance of the Sirius Group and Related Upper Cenozoic Glacial Deposits from the Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica: Relation to Landscape Evolution and Ice-Sheet Drainage, Sandra Passchier (2001)

ASTER Observations of the Spectral Emissivity for Arid Lands, Thomas Schmugge, Andrew French, Jerry Ritchie, Mark Chopping, and Albert Rango (2001)


Carbon Dynamics in Peat Bogs: Insights From Substrate Macromolecular Chemistry, Kuder Tomasz and Michael A. Kruge (2001)


Use of Py-GC/MS Analysis Techniques in Animal Waste Management: A Preliminary Survey of Dairy Manures, Daniel L. Vaughn and Michael A. Kruge (2001)

High Resolution X-Ray Fluorescence Micro-Tomography on Single Sediment Particles, L. Vincze, B. Vekemans, I. Szalóki, K. Janssens, R. Van Grieken, Huan Feng, Keith W. Jones, and F. Adams (2001)

Submissions from 2000

Large-Scale BRDF Retrieval Over New Mexico with a Multiangular NOAA AVHRR Dataset, Mark Chopping (2000)

Testing a LiSK BRDF Model with in Situ Bidirectional Reflectance Factor Measurements over Semiarid Grasslands, Mark Chopping (2000)

Potential for Semiarid Community Type Differentiation Via Exploitation of the Directional Signal: Tests with AVHRR Data, Mark Chopping, Albert Rango, and Jerry C. Ritchie (2000)

Carbonatite Metasomatized Peridotite Xenoliths from Southern Patagonia: Implications for Lithospheric Processes and Neogene Plateau Magmatism, Matthew Gorring and Suzanne M. Kay (2000)


Determination of thermal maturity and organic matter type by principal components analysis of the distributions of polycyclic aromatic compounds, Michael A. Kruge (2000)


Biogeochemistry and Contaminant Geochemistry of Marine and Estuarine Sediments, New Haven, Connecticut (USA), Michael A. Kruge and Gaboury Benoit (2000)


Multibeam Sonar Backscatter Lineaments and Anthropogenic Organic Components in Lacustrine Silty Clay, Evidence of Shipping in Western Lake Ontario, C F Michael Lewis, L A. Mayer, Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Michael A. Kruge, John P. Coakley, and M D. Smith (2000)

Milestones in Antarctic Ice Sheet History-Preliminary Results from Leg 188 Drilling in Prydz Bay Antarctica, P. E. O'Brien, A. K. Cooper, C. Richter, M. Macphail, E. M. Truswell, S. Barr, S. M. Boharty, G. E. Claypool, J. E. Damuth, P. S. Erwin, F. Florindo, C. F. Forbsberg, J. Grützner, D. A. Handwerger, N. N. Janusczak, A. Kaiko, K. A. Kryc, Mark Lavelle, Sandra Passchier, J. J. Pospichal, P. G. Quilty, M. Rebesco, P. Sammann, K. Strand, B. Taylor, K. Theissen, D. A. Warnke, P. Whalen, J. Whitehead, and T. Williams (2000)

First Approximations of Soil Moisture Retention Curves using the Filter-Paper Method, Duke Ophori and Beena Maharjan (2000)