Do you need to be an ELD member to attend the annual conference?

No, membership is not required to attend the Annual Conference.
Member+ does receive a 20% discount on registration and members will be provided a code to enter when registering.
You can also sign up for both free and paid membership during the registration process. For Member+, the discount is already reflected in the pricing, see registration for details.

Are there affordable housing options?

ELD provides details on local area hotels under Venue & Logistics. We also work with the housing authority at Montclair State University to offer an on-campus alternative. Generally much less expensive than local area hotels, and far more convenient (walk to the event, no dealing with parking, etc.), it is a modern student room in a residence hall, lacking some of the amenities of hotels.

Details on cost and availability can be found under Venue & Logistics once the details are available

Do presenters get a discount?

We do offer a 50% discount on registration to those presenting at the conference.
Presenters will be provided a code to register when their session is accepted and confirmed. Registration is the final step in accepting the offer to present. No presentation is added to the schedule until at least on presenter is registered.

Are discounts available to students?

We do offer a 40% discount to students.
Student should send an email to emerginglearningdesign [@] gmail [dot] com from their school account indicating their:

  • year of study (Freshman, Sophomore, etc..)
  • area of studies
  • degree
  • anticipated graduation date
A code for registration will be provided in response.

Do you provide professional development certificates?

ELDc has a microcredentials program that includes badges for the conference. Badges are awarded electronically through [TBD] and can be printed as a certificate by the recipient. In order to receive a badge you must first become an ELD Community Member.