Session Types

Digital Demos

Interactive Presentation

Interactive presentation sessions are an opportunity to share expertise, present an idea, project, or experience in detail with those around you. Those wishing to submit an interactive presentation proposal should describe the presentation topic and provide context for how it fits within the learning design community. Proposals should also include an outline of how the presenter(s) will engage the audience and what they will walk away having learned.


Sparks sessions are informal, showcase presentations intended to introduce attendees to new ideas, share highlights from interesting projects still in progress, or inspire the learning design community. Presentations are limited to 5-minutes. Those wishing to submit a Sparks proposal should include a brief description of their topic as well as how they will energize or engage with the audience through the creative use of multimedia, visual aids, or speeches.


Workshops are project-based, hands-on sessions focused on activities to develop attendees’ facility with particular concepts, technology, or pedagogy. They are a place for people to go to learn more about an area of interest. Workshop proposals should identify the significance or value of the topic in relation to learning design. Those wishing to submit a workshop proposal should describe how they will foster activity to be inclusive of both those new to the topic and those that have experience with it. For example, what introductory materials or activities will be provided as well as extension activities to go beyond the basics. Workshop proposals should include how the session will encourage growth as well as foster dialogue and new ideas.