Executive Director: Emily Isaacs, PhD

The Office for Faculty Advancement (OFA) promotes faculty excellence in teaching and learning, scholarship, leadership, and university citizenship through: -Sponsorship of programs and services that further faculty advancement in teaching, research, and university citizenship. -Development and maintenance of a clearinghouse and collaborative referral network to effectively guide faculty to programs, offices, and informational sources that support their advancement. -Development of new initiatives, including, tools and programs to support new faculty; curricula and program development, diversity and inclusion goals, data analytics for student success, research and teaching success, and career management. The Office of Faculty Advancement designs, implements, and facilitates ongoing programs such as our Annual University Teaching and Learning Showcase, the Engaged Teaching Fellows Program, semester-long book club discussion group, workshops, guest speakers, online training and discussions through Magna Publications and our Canvas Communities, and cross-campus and inter-institutional collaborations.