Les Phares haïtiens: 19th-Century Haitian Luminaries in Translation

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This repository seeks to make the talented voices of nineteenth-century Haitian poets accessible to a wider audience by translating them into English. Each student-authored page includes a brief biography of the poet, a facing page translation, and an audio recording of that poem in the original French. Their choices were informed by Lawrence Venuti’s writings about the importance of translation as a political act (giving voice to those excluded from the mainstream) and sought to bring attention to previously untranslated poems originally published in the pages of nineteenth-century Haitian literary journals such as L’Abeille haytienne and L’Union or anthologized in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by Louis Morpeau and Raphaël Berrou. Most of these student translators sought to produce English-language texts that map closely to the originals, thus allowing readers to follow the French poems.