Submissions from 2017

Homicide Justified : The Legality of Killing Slaves in the United States and the Atlantic World, Andrew T. Fede (2017)

Silence, Screen, and Spectacle : Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information, Lindsey A. Freeman, Benjamin Nienass, and Rachel Daniell (2017)

Power & Society : An Introduction to the Social Sciences, Brigid Callahan Harrison (2017)

Walker Percy and the Politics of the Wayfarer, Brian A. Smith (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Borders and the Politics of Mourning, Arien Mack, Alexandra Délano Alonso, and Benjamin Nienass (2016)

Conceptualising Comparative Politics, Anthony Petros Spanakos and Francisco Panizza (2016)

Submissions from 2015

American Democracy Now, Brigid Callahan Harrison, Jean Wahl Harris, and Michelle D. Deardorff (2015)

Submissions from 2014

Power, Powerlessness, and Globalization : Contemporary Politics in the Global South, Opoku Agyeman (2014)

Mending Fences : The Evolution of Moscow's China Policy from Brezhnev to Yeltsin, Elizabeth Wishnick (2014)

Submissions from 2013


South-South relations and the English School of International Relations: Chinese and Brazilian ideas and involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa, Anthony Petros Spanakos and Joseph Marques (2013)

Submissions from 2011


Citizen Chávez: The State, Social Movements, and Publics, Anthony Peter Spanakos (2011)

Submissions from 2010


China and Brazil: Potential Allies or Just BRICs in the Wall?, Anthony Petros Spanakos (2010)

Submissions from 2009


Why Economic Performance has Differed between Brazil and China? A Comparative Analysis of Brazilian and Chinese Macroeconomic Policy, Fernando Ferrari-Filho and Anthony Petros Spanakos (2009)


Bonds, Stocks or Dollars? Do Voters Care About Capital Markets in Brazil and Mexico, Anthony Petros Spanakos and Lucio Remuzat Renno Junior (2009)


Speak Clearly and Carry a Big Stock of Dollar Reserves: Sovereign Risk, Ideology, and Presidential Elections in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela, Anthony Petros Spanakos and Lucio Remuzat Renno Junior (2009)

Submissions from 2008


Why Brazil has not Grown: A Comparative Analysis of Brazilian, Indian, and Chinese Economic Management, Fernando Ferrari and Anthony Petros Spanakos (2008)