Submissions from 2019

Music in Film : Settling the Score, Joseph E. Turrin (2019)

Submissions from 2018

Gregory Haimovsky : A Pianist's Odyssey to Freedom, Marissa Silverman (2018)

Music in Film, Joseph E. Turrin (2018)


A humanistic understanding of the use of digital technology in therapeutic songwriting, Michael Viega (2018)

Submissions from 2017

World War III is Here, Joseph Coco and The Prismatics (2017)

Arvo Pärt's White Light : Media, Culture, Politics, Laura Dolp (2017)

Triple Threat, Roger Wayne Parr and Joseph Coco (2017)

Dedication for Band, Joseph E. Turrin (2017)

Submissions from 2016

Blue Pearl, Joseph Coco (2016)

Sky Walk, Joseph Coco, Justin Lee, and Jonathan Ward (2016)

Giving Voice to Democracy in Music Education : Diversity and Social Justice, Lisa C. DeLorenzo (2016)

Artistic Citizenship : Artisty, Social Responsibility, and Ethical Praxis, David J. Elliott, Marissa Silverman, and Wayne D. Bowman (2016)


Aesthetic Sense and Sensibility: Arts-based Research and Music Therapy, Michael Viega (2016)


Exploring the Discourse in Hip Hop and Implications for Music Therapy Practice, Michael Viega (2016)


Science as Art: Axiology as a Central Component in Methodology and Evaluation of Arts-based Research (ABR), Michael Viega (2016)


What’s in a Song? Combining Analytical and Arts-based Analysis for Songs Created by Songwriters with Neurodisabilities, Michael Viega and Felicity A. Baker (2016)

Arts-based Research, Michael Viega and Michele Forinash (2016)

We Will Control All that You Hear : The Outer Limits and the Aural Imagination, Reba A. Wissner (2016)

Submissions from 2015

If Walls Could Speak, Joseph Coco (2015)

The Full Moon Series, Joseph Coco (2015)

Trouvèrs Banquet, Joseph Coco, Justin Lee, and Jonathan Ward (2015)

The Little House on Mariton Heights, Joseph Coco and Jim Roney (2015)

Health Humanities, Paul Crawford, Brian Brown, Charley Baker, Victoria Tischler, and Brian Abrams (2015)

Music Matters : A Philosophy of Music Education, David J. Elliott and Marissa Silverman (2015)

International Perspectives in Music Therapy Education and Training : Adapting to a Changing World, Karen D. Goodman (2015)

Second Chance, Roger Wayne Parr and Joseph Coco (2015)

"Working with the Negatives to Make a Better Picture" : Exploring Hip-Hop Songs in Pediatric Rehabilitation, Michael Viega (2015)

Music Therapy Handbook, Barbara L. Wheeler (2015)

Submissions from 2014

Songs / Nikolai Tcherepnin, Nicolas Tcherepnine, Elena Mindlina, and David Witten (2014)

Requiem, Giuseppe Verdi, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Jacques Lacombe, Marianne Fiset, Janara Kellerman, Russell Thomas, Peter Volpe, Montclair State University Chorale, and Heather J. Buchanan (2014)

Submissions from 2013

Meu Corac̜ão Brasileiro, Jeff Kunkel (2013)

Direct Encounters : Challenging My Sense of Self as a Good, Moral Person, Michael Viega and Susan Hadley (2013)

A Dimension of Sound : Music in the Twilight Zone, Reba A. Wissner (2013)

Submissions from 2012

Intercepting a Shivery Light : For Saxophone Quartet, Marcos Balter (2012)

The Hero's Journey in Hip-Hop and its Applications in Music Therapy, Michael Viega (2012)

Hear Our Voices : A Music Therapy Songwriting Program and the Message of the Little Saints, Michael Viega and Scott MacDonald (2012)

Submissions from 2008

Delete / Control / Option : For Alto Flute and Cello, Marcos Balter (2008)

Ignis Fatuus : For Solo Violin, Marcos Balter (2008)