The Emerging Learning Design Journal

From The Editor's Desk

Cigdem Talar

In the last three decades, we have seen an exponential increase in both the availability of technology for the classroom as well as the different and creative ways that it can be used to promote learning. Today, we are at a point where educators are blessed with an abundance of technological tools available for their use. But these types of blessings come with limitations, and in this case the limitation is both in discovering how to utilize these tools (which are most of the time not intended for educational purposes) in the classroom and understanding their true pedagogical benefits. The mission of the Journal of Emerging Learning Design (ELDJ) is to offer a forum in which these discussions can be had.

An offspring of Emerging Learning Design, which hosts the yearly Emerging Learning Design Conference yearly, the journal will aim to go deeper into the topics that were discussed at the conference. As an open access, peer-reviewed journal, ELDJ will provide a platform for academics and practitioners in higher education to explore emerging learning design theories, concepts, and issues and their implications at national and international levels. We invite scholarly communications in emerging learning design and look forward to presenting best practices in design and implementation by offering articles that propose or review engaging and dynamic approaches to pedagogy and hot technology can better enhance it.