The Emerging Learning Design Journal

A Note From The Editors

Jerry Alan Fails, A.J. Kelton

Volume 3 represents a milestone for the ELDj. With this issue we introduce a new name for the journal. Originally titled The Journal of Emerging Learning Design, the name was changed to Emerging Learning Design Journal to note that the journal represents the efforts of ELD as well as to be consistent with ELDs naming convention. Also premiering in this issue are our first Brief articles. Briefs, according to our submission guidelines, are:

a “snapshot” of a person, place, or thing. Briefs can include, but are not limited to: presentations, ideas being developed or researched, reviews (i.e., book, article, app, etc…), innovative space design, or other topics of interest or relevance to the community, presented in the Brief format. Authors are encouraged, but not required, to have works cited, although strict academic plagiarism standards will be applied. Brief submissions have a limit of 1000 words in additional to an abstract of 150 words.

The articles in this volume are being published as proceedings of the 2015 Emerging Learning Design Conference (ELDc 2015).



Developing the Ultimate Course Search Tool: A Pilot Study
Edina Renfro-Michel and Sailume Walo-Roberts


Participatory Culture as a Model for How New Media Technologies Can Change Public Schools
Rich Halverson, Julie Kallio, Sarah Hackett, and Erica Halverson